Titans #2.2 Photos: “Rose” Titans #2.2 Photos: “Rose”
Preview images and spoilers for the Titans episode "Rose" airing September 13 on DC Universe Titans #2.2 Photos: “Rose”

“Rose” is the title of the second episode of Titans Season 2 which drops on DC Universe this Friday, September 3. The second season kicks into high gear as we meet Rose — yes, as in “Rose Wilson.” Here’s how DC Universe describes it:

Three months after their encounter with Trigon, Dick is hard at work training Rachel, Gar & Jason in Titans Tower. Meanwhile, the rest of our heroes attempt the next phase of their lives. Hank and Dawn retreating to Wyoming, while Donna and Kory are on the move, tracking down a rogue meta-human. However, this new normal is soon disrupted by old threats from the past and the emergence of a mysterious young runaway.

“Rose” is written by Richard Hatem and directed by Nathan Hope. Iain Glen guest stars as Bruce Wayne, Robbie Jones is Faddei, and Michael Mosley is Dr. Light. You can see some photos below.


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