Legacies #3.4 “Hold On Tight” Photos Released

Official description and preview images with spoilers for the Legacies TV series episode “Hold On Tight”

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Dynasty Spoilers: “Something Desperate”

Official CW description with spoilers for the Dynasty Season 3 episode “Something Desperate”

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Shadowhunters Preview Images: “Thy Soul Instructed” & “Stronger Than Heaven”
Freeform has released promotional photos from the next two episodes of Shadowhunters! “Thy Soul Instructed” is the title of the April 10 episode, and in it, Jace’s concerns grow about his mental state and turns to Luke for information on his family’s past. Clary and Izzy go after a... Read more
The 100 “Watch The Thrones” Preview Images

Preview images for The 100 episode “Watch the Thrones”

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The 100 #3.4 “Watch The Thrones” Spoiler Description

Spoiler description for The 100 episode “Watch The Thrones”

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Beauty And The Beast Spoilers: Photos From Episodes #3.3 & #3.4

Promotional photos for the Beauty and the Beast episodes Bob & Carol & Vincent & Cat and Heart Of The Matter

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