Interview: Chris D’Elia Previews Undateable Interview: Chris D’Elia Previews Undateable
Interview with Chris D'Elia of NBC's sitcom Undateable Interview: Chris D’Elia Previews Undateable

Undateable is a new half-hour sitcom premiering this Thursday, May 29 at 9PM on NBC. The show, created by Adam Sztykiel, counts Bill Lawrence (Cougar Town, Ground Floor, Scrubs) among its executive producers, and many of its stars are comedians who had worked together in the past and still continue to work together to this day.

The premise of Undateable sees a self-assured guy named Danny (Chris D’Elia) who gets a new roommate in Justin (Brent Morin), who he takes under his wing as his “baby bird” in teaching him how to be cool, not realizing that he might not have everything together for himself.

Undateable - Season PilotWe spoke with Chris D’Elia at the Burbank, California set of Undateable for details about what we can expect from Danny and his undateable friends.

“He’s got a lot a lot of false confidence,” D’Elia admits. “He’s a little bit of a lovable loser. Girls like him, but they don’t like to stay with him,” he says, though Danny still feels he’s more successful than Justin’s friends when it comes to pursuing romantic interests. “They’re very dorky, he thinks, and they need to work on their confidence. They need to work on a lot of things. So, he’s just going to try and teach them,” he says.

As mentioned above, D’Elia worked with many of his co-stars in the stand-up circuit before getting the role.  “I knew four of the guys, I think. Maybe five. We all come from the stand-up world, and so we’ve been doing the clubs in town. Brent [Morin], who plays Justin, used to open for me as a stand-up, so that was very cool, that now he’s going to be a TV star! He doesn’t have to open for me anymore,” he says. Because of the familiarity, D’Elia says that he and his co-stars have a shorthand. “We know each other’s rhythms. It’s more fun that way. We really like each other,” he says, and occasionally this gives the actors an opportunity to do some improv. “Most of it is written [on the page], but we’ll have fun on the last take, and just kind of mess around, and sometimes it makes the cut,” D’Elia says.

Finally, Undateable provides D’Elia the opportunity to work with Bill Lawrence, who, as mentioned before, has had his hand in many great half-hour shows. “That guy is amazing,” he enthused. “He’s a joy to work for, man. He really lets the actors find their space, and let them fall into the characters. No judgement, really. He’s just amazing.”

Below you can find a trailer for Undateable:


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