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    Forum Whiz lois_lane-kent's Avatar
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    Oct 04
    I think this has been the best episode of the season so far. It was humorous and I think it was a good intro for Kara, who I really like. Plus it led to my favorite thing ever for the rest of my life:

    Lana: I laid out the bread crumbs waiting for the wolf to come knocking on the door.
    Viewers at home: WTF, mate?
    Lex: Lana, I knew you were smart. I didn't know you were brilliant.
    Viewers at home: Vomit.

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    New In Town
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    Nov 07
    I think this was a great episode. And the second meating between Clark and Kara on the railroad, was great, I'd realy liked that scene.

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    New In Town faith_may's Avatar
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    Dec 07
    I totally love it

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    New In Town m8918's Avatar
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    Jan 08
    great episode, the introduction of kara has made it better, lets hope she teaches clark to fly.

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    New In Town Mr. T's Avatar
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    Apr 08
    This was another very well done episode of Smallville. I loved the fiirst encounter between Clark (aka Superman) and Kara (aka Supergirl) He caught up with her at an elementary school and sped off while holding her. They came to a complete stop some miles away from the school. She said, "Humans aren't supposed to run that fast!" It was also cool the way she tried to fly off and Clark prevented her from leaving. He grabbed a hold of her leg, she tried to kick him with the other and he ended up power bombing her on the ground. Superb episode!

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    Forum Regular lex fan 10's Avatar
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    Jul 08
    Finaly Clark Has Some Family

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    Incurable Postaholic alejandrita439's Avatar
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    Jul 08
    CLU Member, icon by beautygirl777
    It was also cool the way she tried to fly off and Clark prevented her from leaving. He grabbed a hold of her leg, she tried to kick him with the other and he ended up power bombing her on the ground. Superb episode!
    i love that too

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    I'll always be there e--i's Avatar
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    Nov 08
    I loved the episode. Finally some serious mythos coming. Oh...and did I mention that we got ourselves the most beautiful girl ever ?

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    Adam Nimkong's Avatar
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    Nov 08
    CTU Kentucky
    This episode is good.Liked how it introduced Kara,and liked the lana plot line.But the plot was kind of weak

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    String Bikini Theory BoyScout-ManOfTomorrow's Avatar
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    Nov 09
    Uncanny X-Valley, Avengers World, Year 2099
    Kara's introduction was done superbly from the few shots in "Bizarro" to here in "Kara".

    Firstly I liked how Clark was going to leave Smallville and "head up north". He and Lois had a good little moment there.

    The Kara moments were just awesome when she would grab a little kid and try to tell if the toddler was Kal-El. Clark pulling Kara down when she tries to fly off and when she opens the elevator doors. "We don't have time to wait ancient technology" D:

    Loved the moment where Clark taught Kara on how to use her super hearing. I think Smallville would be better if Clark would give this kind of mentoring to every superhero a little more. After all, he should be the hero inspiring, not the other way around.

    The episode would get a 10 but I really didn't care how they got Lois into journalism at the Daily Planet. S8 handled Clarks career leap better even though it was a complete 360 from the S7...Oh wait...S7, that explains it.

    Anyways, "Bizarro" was fantastic, "Kara" was great!!

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    Chlark FTW!!! SGuthrie27's Avatar
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    Jan 09
    Ehhh... I have never been a big fan of Season 7, and a big part of that, unfortunately, is Kara. She's not one of my favorite characters, really, though I guess this was a fairly good introduction to her character. I think Laura Vandevoort definitely grew as an actress as the show progressed, though, and I imagine she would have gotten even better if she'd continued on into later seasons, even though we all know now that she never got that chance. I also wasn't a huge fan of how randomly Lois was hired at the Planet, and how condescending Grant Gabriel was to my favorite tiny blonde. Lois was only really bitten by the journalism bug briefly into Season 6, whereas it's a dream Chloe had pursued since she was a child. She worked extremely hard to climb that ladder, and it was like Lois was offered the same opportunity on a golden platter for just a few articles for the Metropolis Inquisitor. All in all, I'll give this episode 7 flashy red spaceships out of 10!
    Last edited by SGuthrie27; 11-20-2010 at 05:47 PM.

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    OUAT in NYC... Raistlin's Avatar
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    Sep 11
    Dancing on moonbeams with Legolas
    Anybody who clocks Lois is A-Okay with me. Actually, I thought the actress playing Kara was on the weak side, but hey! Good news. She didn't bore me for 22 episodes.

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    Custom Title jon-el87's Avatar
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    May 08
    It's not the fact that Lex cloned Lana, that annoys me. It's the fact that no motivation is given for why he'd do it. The creation of the Emily Dinsmore clone and the Lex clones, in S10, were all given motivations. The writers merely created Model 503 (the Lana clone), to resolve the dead Lana cliffhanger, but didn't put much thought behind her creation. Furthermore, in the cases of Emily Dinsmore, Julian Luthor and Lex Luthor, multiple clones were created. Does this mean that there are other Lana Lang clones out there?

    Not crazy about Kara's introduction. She comes across as too smug and puts down Clark, over the fact that he can't fly. Her introduction might've been a mistake (especially, when one consider how the character was handled, over the course of the series). You can't have her develop into Supergirl, before Clark becomes Superman. As a result, her development is stalled (if not put outright on ice), until that time. Other characters like Bart Allen and Oliver Queen had more freedom. As they have their own identities and don't need to rely on Clark, when it comes to creating a superhero persona. I have no idea, if her introduction, was a poorly thought through idea, in the writers room, or if it came at request from the network

    This episode also has Lois getting a job at the DP, which was a nice character development, even if it came across a bit odd. I liked Grant questioning Chloe's passion for journalism. Sadly, I don't think they explored this in future episodes. In the early, seasons, they had the Torch be her whole life (she even said it outright). Working for the DP, has been a dream of hers, ever since childhood. It would've been interesting to see her having doubts, if she really has the drive for it, anymore. Sure, being a journalist and working for the DP, has been a childhood dream for Chloe. Children often have dreams about different careers, they'll wanna have when they grow up, I certainly had. The difference between me and Chloe is that my dreams changed over time (as a child, I dreamed about becoming, probably, 20-30 different things), while Chloe always hung onto this one dream. She never developed other interests or explored other possibilities. It was always "I must become a journalist. I must work at the Daily Planet". And a child's understanding of an occupation, often differs from the real thing.

    Given that she'll be fired from the DP and managing the Isis Foundation, by the end of the season, it would've been interesting to explore Chloe's growing disillusionment with journalism.

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    Battle Troll DJ Doena's Avatar
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    Dec 08
    Journalism may have been a vehicle, but have we ever been asserted of her actual writing ability? Sure she was the editor of the Torch but she only had Clark and Pete as staff and an auxilliary of FOTWs (Greg Arkin, Tim Wescott, Brendan Nash, Gabriel Duncan) that supposedly worked there. There didn't seem any contenders for the position given that Chloe could be editor right after joining highschool as a freshman. Compare this to the journalism department at Veronica Mars' highschool.

    What I'm trying to say is that Chloe was always more interested in finding the truth and uncovering secrets. Hence the wall of weird and her personal files on Clark including his adoption.

    As Watchtower she could enjoy this passion about as well as in her position as a reporter without the "writing it down" part of the job.
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    Forum Whiz TheSecretVampire's Avatar
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    Oct 11
    I'm watching this episode again and this might just be a throw away thing, but who killed those campers/hikers?

    Clark thought it was Kara, but Kara said she didn't kill anyone. So who killed them? Was it just something random put into the script or was there a killer on the loose? Or were they killed off screen by Bizarro in the previous episode and only discovered in this episode?

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