Aquaman sucks. He is the gayest Superhero ever made. That's what most people think and that's why it got cancelled. Nobody cares about some dude who swims in the water. Yes I saw the pilot on Itunes and it was uneven and weak. Kind of ok , but way too 2-dimensionsal. Ving Rhames as a GANGSTA-Merman, it was like some comic fans weed-induced hallucination. The whole premise of the show is stupid because all the crimes this dude can fight are in the water.

Ac in episode 2: "WHAT there a bank robbery in the middle of town? sorry I can help ya, I only do fish crimes. " He was about to go postal on some guys who killed a MARlin. WTF? What happens in season two, AC attacks some guys at a pond screaming , "CAN'T YOU READ THE SIGN?!!! It says 'NO FISHING'!!!!"

Plus the show relies too much on Sfx because theres no substance, so the budget would be too high.