The first of two Ewok TV movies made in the 1980s.

Wicket from RotJ, and the other Ewoks, come across two human children and help them to find their parents. The film further explores the forest moon of Endor, which is not entirely forest. Though, it's nice to see a planet/moon not entirely defined by a single geographic characteristic. Between the boar-wolf (which I thought was ambitious for a 1984 TV movie) and the Gorax (and the giant spider), you get the feeling that some pretty large, predatory creatures lives on this moon. Predators that the Ewoks have to tangle with on a regular basis. Giving a motivation for why Ewoks are able to take down storm troopers. Just look at what these guys have to deal with, on a regular basis. Of course, Endor also have horses, owls and other Earth-native animals. Though, I suppose it beats them putting a horn on a dog, to make it look "alien". Besides, Dagobah had lizards and snakes.

As the Ewoks (except for Wicket, who picks up some words) don't speak English/Basic, it's up to the narrator to explain a lot of thing onscreen and Ewok behavior. Gets really tiresome after a while.

I liked the bit where Cindel asks Wicket something like "don't you have starcruisers?". It felt believable. Cindel is a small child, born into a society where everyone has a starcruiser (or access to one). So she finds it odd that someone doesn't have one.

A few Ewoks appears to be force users...

Didn't find the film extremely interesting. Though, it is noteworthy as being the first thing made after the OT, and the first Star Wars film not dealing with Luke, Han and Leia. Demonstrating that you can tell stories centered around other people in this galaxy/franchise. You're not limited to (or dependent on) the trio from the original trilogy, for stories within this franchise.