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    Superman & Lois: Rate #1.9 "Loyal Subjekts"

    Didn't get a live thread up in time, but if you want to talk about the episode, here's where to do it!

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    Lots of twists and turns we didnít see coming.

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    I loved Lois and Clark getting their journalism gear on like old times when they worked at the Planet with Chrissy helping them which was cool seeing and the fact they had to really dig to get what they wanted not having any technology to help them.

    Edge really knows how to rope people in doesn't he?

    Jordan and Sarah only been friends yeah right.

    Becareful around Edge Lana as Lois says.

    Kyle being nice to Jordan and Jonathan? Okay maybe I might like him this episode then.

    Cool save in Mexico Superman which reminded me of the Superman films with him speaking Spanish although something's up with him clearly. Could that be to do with the Kryptonite gas he inhaled previously?

    Poor Jonathan can't get a break with Tegan can he?

    Clark with bruises? Never seen that although hot body. Whoa.

    Just kiss her already if your goanna get back together with Sarah Jordan.

    So I'm guessing he now has icy breath which the Kryptonite gas brought on maybe?

    Being half human is probably affecting Jordan more than Clark I'm assuming?

    I get why Lois had a go at Sam for what was happening to Jordan but I also understand Sam's point of view and why 7734 existed encase he needed to prevent anything bad occurring if superman turned evil but he should've told Lois and Clark about that beforehand obviously the same way Gideon in Charmed season 6 should've told Piper and Leo his concerns about Wyatt possibly turning evil in the future before out rightly trying to kill him then.

    I'm slightly worried what'll happen to Lana now Edge knows she's been digging into him.

    Loved Clark and Jordan's scene at the fortress with Clark understanding and responding to his son's fearfulness of what's happening to himself.

    Also loved Jonathan and Lois's scene as well. He really is the heart of the family.

    Kyle's stepping up this episode playing guitar when Sarah sings which I like seeing.

    Good call out on Sam Jonathan.

    Okay Sam saving your daughter and grandson. I may start to like you perhaps.

    Kyle has powers too? That was quick and unexpected.

    What's happening with the subjects Edge has is similar to what the KGB did with Russian sleeper cells back in the day implanting them into normal lives and activating them as assassins at the turn of a switch.

    I'm glad Sam admitted his mistakes and that he and Lois are on an even keel at the minute.

    Wasn't excepting Edge to be Kryptonian but okay. I'm assuming the real Edge's dead and whoever this person is has taken over his identity?

    Does he want to create a new Krypton on Earth then?

    This show just keeps on getting better and better. I hope it wins awards for it's casting, storylines and writing which it deserves naturally.

    Can't wait for next week.


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