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    Superman & Lois: Rate #1.8 "Holding the Wrench"

    What did you think of the Superman & Lois episode "Holding The Wrench?"

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    Think they're setting up Jonathan to be more powerful than his dad.

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    This episode was all about anguish and regret and the Kent family/Sam finding out the truth about John's world and what happened there.

    Lois was the stand out character here with Bitsie's acting well on par. I felt her pain over the miscarriage and her blowing up at Jon then which I'm glad got sorted out at the end.

    She was right that John shouldn't be angry and lash out at Superman for what his alternate self done which he'll have to accept.

    Thank god the Man Of Steel saved Jon. I was worried about him for a sec.

    I get why Lois laid into her son but it was a bit harsh.

    John isn't a villain. He just doesn't want what happened on his Earth to happen where he now is.

    Superman and him should team up and stop Edge which I feel might happen in the season finale with Sam possibly also unless Edge turns him on his side then.

    Nice singing voice Sarah and I didn't know Jordan played piano which was cool seeing.

    I knew Clark was goanna go down to sector 5 despite what was done there.

    I'm surprised Clark was able to fight Rossetti with all the Kryptonite in the air?

    Well done talking John out of killing Superman Lois.

    Sam reminded me of Chloe from Smallville season 9 who kept a secret stash of Kryptonite in a lock up outside Metropolis.

    This show obviously wants viewers to dislike Kyle which we do of course.

    It's obvious Jonathan doesn't have powers for a reason so there's another member of the family beside Lois who balances out humanity.

    John will be back nearer the end I'm thinking.

    Roll on episode 9.


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