Summary: In the show Clark quickly accepted to Chloe's let's just be friends in season 2 and went back to pining after Lana through his telescope like a good creepy stalker, but what if that didn't happen? What if Clark actually didn't give Chloe up without a fight? Find out.
Hey guys.

I wanted to write up something with Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan pairing since did that pairing get screwed over in the show.

During the start of season 2 was one of those times where despite them getting together during the end of season 1 had Clark/Chloe only come 2x01 quickly backtracked, with Clark letting Chloe use the friend’s card without a fight.

No different than 6x01 for a reversal of the season 5 finale with them kissing.

All so Smallville could get back to its Clark/Lana obsession which given the showrunners ran for eight long seasons, and had a very creepy fixation on Kristen who played Lana.

Then Clois while not Clark/Lana toxic had its own bag of issues due to the poor, rushed writing behind it. Anymore I’m not all that interested in Clark/Lois in general regardless of what medium.

Not that Clark and Chloe did not have their own issues to similar poor writing, but Clark’s two main pairings of Smallville were not handled great.

Plus, the Smallville writers constantly doing digs at Clark/Chloe fans for example like the season 10 drunk episode just irks me. Or in early seasons for teasing Clark/Chloe yet Clark once more back to Lana.

Now onto this story.

The woods in Smallville

As they are walking side by side with Pete going up ahead Clark decides it would be a good time to attempt repairing the mess he made at the spring formal.

“Uh, Chloe? I've been wanting to apologize for leaving you at the Formal” Clark says only get gently interrupted.

“Oh, didn't I tell you that leaving in the middle of a tornado to save a friend totally gets you off the hook? Besides, I mean, I know you'd do the same thing for me” Chloe replies.

“Oh, in a heartbeat. So, how can I make it up to you?” Clark asks.

“Actually, you know, I've been thinking. It's funny how a natural disaster puts your life in perspective, but I think that it might be better if we just stayed really good friends. Anything other than that just gets too complicated” Chloe says trying to keep her emotions in check.

On some other earth, in another time, Clark would have taken the easy way out with using Chloe’s defense card all to go back to pursuing Lana. However, Clark making a decision doesn’t want to back to perusing Lana Lang, during the short time he’s actually been with Chloe well he’s been surprised at how much he’s enjoying himself. It’s started to be freeing to not be constantly getting Lana’s affections or competing with Whitney Foreman over her. Besides, he does enjoy spending time with Chloe, after all, she’s been his friend for years and hopefully will be something more. Sure, her reporter nature when coming to his secret might be a… issue down the road, but Clark chooses to cross that bridge when getting there.

Looking over “What if I don’t?” Clark inquiries.

“Um, what?” Chloe stops in her tracks looking up at her boyfriend.

“I don’t want us to end this, listen I know I screwed up rushing off to Lana without even telling you. And I know you're just using the friend’s card to pull away, but I don’t want us to just be friends. We’ve been that for years, it’s why we could work. I know it’s not going to be easy, yet this could work” Clark says passionately “Your call Chloe.”

Grinning brightly Chloe leans up kissing Clark on his lips who returns moving his free hand not holding the maps down to her side, as they kiss for a few moments until breaking apart.
“So does this mean we’re not broke up?” Clark asks.

Chloe playfully hits Clark in his arm while shaking her head amusingly.

“Yes, it means we are not breaking up, and not a bad speech Mr. Kent at all” Chloe says.

“I’m glad you like it,” Clark says lightly smiling “Though let’s table any further relationship conversation until after we find my dad.”

“Agreed,” Chloe says.

Turning Clark and Chloe catch up with Pete as they continue searching.

Hope you all enjoyed that and leave a review if you want.

I didn’t have any real focus on Pete since he’s my least favorite character for one main reason. He’s a very terrible friend to Clark, even Lana Lang or heck Lex Luthor understood Clark’s need to keep his secret better than Pete ever did.

Pete blamed Clark for everything wrong in his life once finding out who he was, which kept going even into season 7 for Pete’s return episode.

Yeah, no thanks.

Until next time