Seasons 1-3

Lana because she didn't love Clark or Lex. But the friendships she begins with them is at a very young age. And experiences shape their relationships. She literally tried to cheer up Clark or Lex all of the time in up until season 6, and in the comments people were just calling her fake or phony or said that she was throwing herself at them. Now in Season 3 Lana asks Clark about his secret after some crazy things happen, and he doesn't tell her. Then in season 2 they're mostly friends excluding Clark on red-kryptonite when he flirts with her, but then goes for a blonde. Clark runs away in the finale, on Red-K too.

This leads to Lana and his dad trying to get him back, and Jonathan making a promise to Jor-El that ruins his health and leads to his death and heart-attack. Pretending like Lana didn't care for Clark when they were friends is insane, she was there for him when;

1. His mom got sick.

2. He went blind.

3. His dad had a breakdown.

She does the same for Lex when he has two mental breakdowns this season. Caused by Lionel, who keeps drugging Lex and locking him up to cover up the fact that Lionel killed his own parents for loads of money. By the way Lionel is not shamed by the Kents or anyone that knows the truth. And no one tells Lex. She did ask about his powers this season. But only twice, and so supportively it drives me wild that people call this whining and they are not using reason when they compare Chloe season 4 to this. All Chloe did in seasons 1-3 was throw herself at Clark and try to find out his secret. Not by asking directly either, by adoption records, journaling about him, and going to Lionel Luthor. Lana doesn't ask again until season 5, so people that say she is asking all of the time are overreacting and using that as a reason to hate her. In season 4 she doesn't tell Clark about her tattoo, because they're on outs. But she tells her boyfriend, because he's her partner. Lana shows Clark her tattoo in Spell. And Lex, but Lex is always digging around and they're not really on outs until Onyx. She also tells Clark he's a great friend and how he's the only one not using her. In Reckoning Mr. Kent dies of a heartattack. People twist this to blame on her. No she didn't throw herself at Lex, he was depressed and called her. No, Clark going back in time is not her fault, neither is the fact that Jonathan would've had a good heart if it wasn't for Season 2 and Exile.

Seasons 5-6
Lana becomes obsessed with aliens. But that's reasonable, she saw aliens massacre a ton of people. She tries to tell Clark, but he is not up for discussion on this topic after Hidden. She's convinced there are aliens living among mankind, and tells Clark in Arrival and Fanatic. Clark uses her obsession with aliens as the reason to why they are not sleeping together anymore. And not you know- that he's an alien. Whatever, people blame Lana for Clark getting upset in that scene too. Lex thinks aliens are going to take over too. He wants to save the world- apparently. He convinces Lana he wants to save the world and maybe he does. I'd believe him more if he didn't have a fascination with locking people in cages or strapping them to tables and watching them get tortured and experimented on. And if he wasn't stalking Clark instead of just asking him questions anymore. But this may be the one thing he does, that actually has very good intentions.

She admires him or this and grows an attraction thinking that Lex is mature, responsible, and honest. I found that really annoying. But she's known him since was 14, and probably can't imagine that he would do anything like torture an innocent person. That's because he's also extremely affectionate towards her, since meeting her. Anyone that's been friends with someone years wouldn't think them capable of torture. Especially if they have been manipulated to feel that way. Anyway their "love" is creepy and more of a devotion to one another. But she thinks Lex is doing good, and trying to prevent an alien invasion.

Thinking the Black Box, which she threatens a scientist over holds the key to stopping aliens with their own technology. She's not doing it to "support Lex's evil schemes" Actually Lex tries to create weapons, and she takes the scientists side. She doesn't want a war, because she's not Lex. In fact he knows deep down she is wary of his intentions, and pays off her doctor. In phantom pregnancy scene, which leads to Lana ultimately accepting Lex's true nature. But also causes an emotional breakdown, she says Lex will only hurt more people. He admits this in Kara, but she does not shoot. She tries to kill Lex later, convinced that his research for aliens is only for world domination.

Season 8
Lana changes and decides not to kill Lex, even when Clark and Oliver say they will. She tries to convince them not to because she longer interested in revenge, only preventing more harm. It shows character growth.


I thought this was a good analysis for Lana and some of the reasons she does things as well as the consequences of how experiences shape her.