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    Need Advice on my Crisis on Infinite Earths One Shot

    I have very slowly been writing a one-shot as a follow up to Smallville portion of the Crisis Part 2. The basic idea is that Lois and Clark thought someone was playing a trick on them due to a Crisis happening 7 years prior in their universe. We learn Clark was depowered, not by choice (some version of the Sun-Eater battle happened) but is called back into action by Jor-El. He gets his powers back.

    Anyways, I’m struggling with one part in particular. Cisco (still as Vibe), goes back to the Kent Farm with Iris. Lois and Clark try to fill them in but time is running short. So Cisco decides to ‘vibe’ information from the idea is he will get images of the Season 11 crisis, along with some key moments from Clark’s heroics in Season 1-10.

    Originally I was going to try to evoke images from every season but that might be excessive like the ‘Trials’ scene in Finale. Any ideas?

    I would have Lois and Clark join the Crisis but the last we would see is Superman leaving with Lois to join them as soon as Martha comes to stay with their twin baby girls. Also, SV’s own crisis has changed some things inadvertently, like the election cycle (so it matches our Earth).
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