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    Quote Originally Posted by darkphoenix21 View Post
    As Iím rewatching it for a second time and the boys are discovering the ship in the basement of the barn, a reasonable thought comes to mind...why didnít Clark move the ship to the Fortress of Solitude (he had well over 14yrs to do so)? Yeah, they boys were told not to go in the barn but, kids will be kids and eventually theyíd be curious and look in the barn. Foresight sure isnít one of his powers 😂
    I'm more bothered by the notion of where he put the internet wifi router. WHO DOES THAT?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSiteTV View Post
    I'm more bothered by the notion of where he put the internet wifi router. WHO DOES THAT?
    Yes, and I'm certain Clark set it up there but why?!? Obviously because he can fly but did he not consider other people.

    I feel like the ship in the barn is sort of like folks keeping their children's mementos such as cribs and the like in their attic. Clark would have been young when he "built" the fortress (after his dad's passing???) so he wouldn't have practically thought of moving it there and as he grew older, he's kind of forgotten about it with saving the world business occupying much of his time when he's not working or with his family. And with no one suspecting who he was, they'd never guess what he was hiding underneath that barn, so technically, it was as safe there as the fortress. If he'd sold the farm, he would have moved it.

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