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    Cisco and Sue as the next 'super couple'??

    What do you think about this idea. IMO I just don't see it. With Hartley Sawyer let go because his past tweets having been resurfaced a couple of weeks ago, I thought that they might recast, him with another actor or just let him ride into the sunset with Sue Deardon. Now there some tweets from fans that rather see Cisco and Sue together just because they've got good chemistry.. ummm I might have missed that. Furthermore, like I said ,they are two different characters, it takes a lot to handle someone like Sue Deardon and don't think he's up to the task, she is quite a challenge. Now there hasn't been any spoilers or news about the up coming season other than the preimere dates so far and I hope that these tweets don't give ideas about making another 'ship' like they did with Smallville but that's another story.


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    88,199 interaction does not a shipping couple make. If I hadn’t read the article I wouldn’t have even remembered that Sue and Cisco every even met; They’re still not even acquaintances. Though, I’m still thinking they’re going to recast Ralph Dibny unlike the Batwoman/Kate Kane issue.

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    Uh, no

    We don't need another forced couple on these shows, let alone Cisco and Sue.

    Everyone on these shows don't need a romantic partner, lol

    It's ok to have some singles.

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    It is not good

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    Everyone on these shows don't need a romantic partner, lol only work and "worktime"


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