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    Flash #6.19 "Success is Assured" SEASON FINALE

    Talk about the Flash season finale here!

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    A season finale had to change due to the pandemic. If anything the future Sue Dibny shined in this one, hence why they had Natalie Dreyfuss took over the show's instagram.

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    Not a lot more they could have done, sadly. This situation wreaked havoc on the tv schedules and The Flash was bound to be one of the casualties. It also sucks because while Season 6A was very flawed, Season 6B has been quite good.

    So we have to accept this as the season finale. Obviously it didn't have the feel of a season finale, but at least it signed off with a couple of interesting cliffhangers. And as an episode it was pretty solid. The only negative was Allegra's bratty attitude towards Nash for one more episode. Just because he didn't tell her about her doppleganger. And while I am glad it's finally over, I hate the fact that Nash had to save her life in order for her to finally stop being petulant. Something she didn't even thank him for, by the way. The CW has been around for 14 years. The Berlanti shows for 8. You would think they would have gotten tired of this forced melodrama trope by now.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see what Eric Wallace and Greg Berlanti do now. The last 3 episodes must have been filmed to a degree (Grant Gustin talked about the finale having a major cliffhanger about the Reverse Flash - probably related to Godspeed). Do they finalize them and air them before returning for season 7 next year? Or do they start filming from scratch in the summer and return in the Fall with the start of season 7?
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