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    Jared Padalecki has post-SPN role

    Looks like Jared is going to star and help produce a reboot of the Chuck Norris 90's show "Walker, Texas Ranger"? Which, okay, not what I was expecting.

    I think most of us thought Jared would take some time off, rest up, before jumping back into acting. And certainly not another series.

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    I remember watching ďWalker, Texas RangerĒ as a kid. I knew Chuck Norris from this show more than any of his movies (except maybe Sidekicks). Yet, I also donít remember much of it either. So, Iím not too sure about this for any actor. They are really rebooting everything at this point, nothing is safe. At least itís not a revival thatís become the trend as of late.

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    Great for Jared that he has his next gig lined up!

    That said, it's hard for me to picture him kicking ass like Chuck Norris did in that show, lol

    Not saying he can't, but I just can't see it, lol And why are they rebooting this show? I mean, I know it's a thing now but that's a show that doesn't need a reboot, IMO.

    I agree with you Welling_is_pretty, this is definitely something I didn't expect.


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