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Thread: RIP Eddie Jones

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    avy by Liesl

    RIP Eddie Jones

    Eddie Jones who played Pa Kent has passed, RIP

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    Should've seen this before I posted in the water cooler.

    it's very sad. He was the best kind of actor in that everything he did always seemed very genuine.

    On "Lois and Clark", You honestly could believe that he was just a simple country man who was very devoted to his more "modern-thinking" wife and his son. Even when Martha was expertimenting with the latest fads that he didn't like very much, He still humored her and went along with it anyway. Because he loved her and wanted her to be happy.
    Like the time when Martha decided to go vegetarian. His grumblings towards his son Clark about how much he missed his steaks when his wife wasn't listening had me chuckling. Lucky for him Martha's vegetarian phase didn't last very long.

    You might not know it, but he also did plenty of Voice acting jobs and had voiced for the Ghost in the Shell Anime series' english dub, as CCS Takkukura. He also played the role of "sam" in BIG O.

    I also remember his role as Judge Wells in "Judging Amy".


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