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    Riverdale "Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House"

    Ah, so that's why it's called "the Farm".

    [SPOILER]I take it Kevin had his brain removed.[/SPOILER]

    Okay, so the Gargoyle King is [SPOILER]Jason Blossom. Whose dead body we saw in the pilot and we saw get killed in season one. Now he's back. Pretty big retcon. Unless they're gonna reveal that the Gargoyle King is Jason's never before mentioned brother (making Jason and Cheryl triplets, not twins).

    Was expecting Penelope to be the Gargoyle King, as they established her having lived with the Sisters of Quiet Mercy (where G&G originated), until she was adopted by the Blossoms.

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    Surely, Veronica isn't going to feel her dad's

    I mean, I thought it was too easy the way Hiram was brought down and arrested.....I expected something bigger to be his undoing and it to happen in the season finale. He will get his revenge, no doubt. Why didn't they show Veronica's mother all relieved that Hiram was arrested? Yeah, this is far from over I think.


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