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    Supernatural Season Finale "Moriah" LIVE Discussion Thread!

    If you want to talk live, do it! Carry on my wayward son....

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    This episode was just garbage & I was disgusted by what I saw. By far the worst finale in Supernatural. They completely ruined & destroyed the character of Chuck/God in 1 damn episode. Andrew Dabb is a true moron. He could care less about Kripke's creation and this episode showed that perfectly. Watch Swan Song and you'll see how Sam & Dean were not just entertainment for Chuck, but 2 people who passed his test and their limited free will was rewarded with true free will for everyone if you consider how Michael ruled Heaven with an iron grip and how he & Lucifer were hell bent on getting the brothers to say yes to them and what Michael said to Dean in The Song Remains The Same about free will being an illusion. The entire point of the Swan Song ending was that Chuck chose humanity over his oldest 2 sons when he decided to shine his light from the Impala to distract Lucifer and allow Sam to regain control of his body.

    This is the big problem with what the alt Michael said about Chuck creating all those universes and how he could care less about them. He did care as seen in Swan Song back before the multiverse thing was created, which was only done to extend the series by adding a crappy plot to fill the atrocious season 13 with its horrible writing. The biggest problem with writing Chuck in the way they did in this garbage episode is that now they're admitting that nobody ever had free will, but that every character was made the way they were by Chuck. He gave them the traits they ultimately had. So at the end, they painted the picture that everything was Chuck's fault and that Lucifer was right when he said that God made him like that (skip to the 48 second mark in the video below):

    This means that Lucifer was really the good guy, which is all kinds of messed up. It completely destroys the entire continuity of the show. It kills the purpose of every villain ever seen just to build up Chuck as the ultimate villain because he created those villains and wrote their personalities along with those of Sam & Dean to be the way they were. It's the ultimate retcon and anybody who's a fan of this show should be outraged by it. This directly contradicts Kripke's vision of God/Chuck giving everyone free will to do what they want (with consequences of course) and have the angels serve humanity (when he told them to love them more than him, causing Lucifer to rebel), with the angels going rogue after God left. If writers are such liars as Castiel put it, then it means Chuck could've destroyed Amara at any time since he's the writer, so him allowing himself to almost be killed in season 11 is more nonsense based on what they said in this episode.

    Dabb should be fired and Kripke needs to come back to salvage what's left of his series. The only way to save it now is to reveal that the Chuck who was in this episode is the Chuck of the apocalypse Earth universe and was unlike the one we saw in seasons 4, 5 & 11. This was an utter & complete disgrace. Dabb could've cared less about the destruction to the continuity he did so long as he creates a "cool new villain" for the final season. Like any other retcon, he cannibalized and sacrificed canon & past continuity just to create cheap drama. And this was drama of the cheapest sense.
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    Yeah, that has to be the alt world Chuck/God otherwise like you said, then everything was pretty much a waste...

    Wouldn't surprise me if come to find out that the alt world Chuck killed this world's Chuck and now is taking over all of the universes.

    That said with the hells souls on the loose, I guess Crowley will be around at some point.


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