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    What would a Smallville Reboot be like?

    Got the idea from this thread: "Smallville high?"

    It got me thinking... if they did a reboot today... what things would they keep from the tv show, and which things they would toss.
    Would they completely miss the point and not understand what made Smallville so special, or would they actually do something new that was actually good and interesting?

    What do you think would happen in a Smallville reboot?

    And what would you want out of a reboot if they actually went through with it? Or would you be opposed to it because you think Smallville was good the way it was and doesn't need a reboot?

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    What I think would realistically happen in a reboot, with a little bit of wishful thinking over the fact that a reboot would actually be good instead of being a crappy reboot:

    1) They'd keep the whole Meteors falling thing bit, but amp up how much destruction it actually caused back then when he landed. Emphasize just how much the entire town needed to be rebuilt badly, and how Lionel Luthor swooped in and made himself look like a big hero for opening that factory and rebuilding the town with his money.
    Lionel Luthor would have everyone owing him debts, and this would open him up to be the early seasons' big bad as he'd manipulate everyone in Smallville to do things that he wanted.
    and then have Clark Kent angst over it constantly. Nothing like good-fashioned teen angst in order to market this to actual teens! Plus, Meteor mutants do make for a very convenient plot device when you're out of ideas.

    2) They'd probably keep Pete Ross black, just to tick the diversity token box. But this time around they'd make him just as hunky as James Olsen from Supergirl. He'd be shown to be an even bigger Jock than he actually was in the original Smallville. This way they'd draw in more girls with the eye candy, and also bring in black fans.
    Lana Lang is a toss-up though, I don't think they'd go for another Asian actress in an attempt to capture the "success" they had with Kristen Kreuk. But you never know. But if they were smart, they'd try to go for a natural redhead like the comics version. separate the reboot from its original one just a little bit.

    3) Obviously, they might not even keep Chloe around thanks to the scandal with the current actress. But the networks really, really likes love triangles and drama! So instead they might go for one of Superman's many love interests from the comics as a stand-in instead... like Lori Lemris.
    She was secretly a mermaid who went to college and were Superman's love interest when he was going to college at the same time. They bonded over the fact that they sometimes felt alienated from others for feeling "different", etc.
    In the reboot Smallville however, Lori would be going to high school instead and naturally our resident Superboy would feel conflicted over whenever he wanted more... Lori, or Lana.
    Or.... they could go down the current route that most networks are taking lately. where literally nobody is allowed to have a love interest that lasts more than one season. *coughs*Supergirl*coughs*
    Good news for the networks though, because Superman had plenty of love interests who weren't Lois, Lana or Lori throughout the years... they just have to dig through his history.
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    It's difficult to say really. A lot comes down to the creative team behind the show and what network/outlet it's made for.

    Though, I doubt that Chloe would be there. Not entirely because of the Allison Mack business, but because she was an original creation for the show. Specifically, she was created by AlMiles and, as a result, they had to be paid every time that Chloe appeared in an episode (even after they left the show). No idea if such rules would extend to a reboot series, where they'd use her again. Though, it's not like Smallville re-used T.J. White or Andy McAllister from the 1980s live-action Superboy TV series. More likely, they'd go one out of three ways:

    1) Invent a brand-new character.

    2) (Depending on the creative team) Pick an existing Superboy (pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths version)/Superman supporting character.

    3) Not bother with a third high school friend character (among the main cast; a recurring friend character, fine). Instead, her characterization (a wannabe reporter and hacker) is given to Lana (who did grow up to become a reporter in the pre-COIE continuity of Earth-One) and Pete. Some times I think that AlMiles should've done just that (have Lana be the wannabe reporter who is investing all the weird things in Smallville; have Pete be the hacker, who acquires useful information). Might've helped Lana and Pete as characters.
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    For a reboot, God has blessed me with these ideas:

    I'd have a bit more of a refined structure. Keep the meteor shower. Like maybe start off with Clark in his senior year of High School, an outcast that is more reserved and tries to hide his powers from others. And we keep the impetus for the story being that Clark saves Lex from a car accident. Though this Lex would be less suave than Rosenbaum's, more of an outcast himself due to his intelligence and how he sees people. Lex would still have a billionare dad who is controlling. Chloe Sullivan (yes still), now re-imagined more as a punk rock-ish reporter, for the school newspaper, who Clark works under. Lana Lang, grounding it more in comics accurate depiction, is a friend of Clark's already, since child age, though still popular like Smallville's take and is still living in a world Clark doesn't entirely feel comfortable in. Jonathan and Martha I'd want to be Smallville-esque. Pete Ross, a friend of Clark's, also on the outside, unlike Clark, is someone who wants to be like everyone else and is seeking to be popular.

    KJ Apa as Clark

    Dylan O'Brien as Lex

    Hailee Steinfeld as Chloe and/or Lois

    Rosie Day as Lana

    Coy Stewart as Pete Ross

    Clayne Crawford as Jonathan

    Keri Russell as Martha

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    With the way the channel is now, I'd probably hate it if they remade the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleltheking View Post
    With the way the channel is now, I'd probably hate it if they remade the show.
    I agree with you!

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    Heh. looking back at this, I'd now add a few more details to this "reboot"... not that it will ever surpass the original:

    1) Have Lex Luthor be much younger, like 18 years old while Clark Kent himself is 16 going on 17 years old. This way Lex can be seen as the cooler, mature guy and we still get his "Tragic" journey into the adult villain. And as I said before in the original second post, I would make it abundantly clear that Lionel is the big bad villain of the earlier seasons, and that Lex's being slowly influenced by him to become the next big bad guy. And also this way it wouldn't seem so weird that an adult man wanted to hang out with a young teenage boy. Seriously, Lex was like 20 years old while Clark Kent was 14 in the original Smallville. what was with that? suddenly the fact that Jonathan Kent didn't want Clark hanging out with Lex makes a whole lot more sense.

    2) no redemption arc for Lionel Luthor at all. Because that was one of the parts that never really made much sense to me. So Jor-el the AI, which was an evil AI that tortured Clark Kent and branded a bright red S on his chest and killed some humans, possessed Lionel Luthor for a while. And this suddenly turned Lionel good? and he was considered still good even when he imprisoned Clark Kent in a green K cage.? right.... that's like having an evil ghost possess an evil villain and magically expecting the two evils to cancel each other. Sorry, but John Glover was too good at playing the bad guy that I couldn't see him as anything else on Smallville. and I expect that the new actor would have similar problems.

    3) Speaking of which, there would be no magical omniscient AI that has wizardly cosmic powers. period. There'd be just a bunch of crystals with recordings of his father and mother, filled with life lessons. When the need for an AI comes in, there'd be a blueprint in one of the crystals allowing Clark Kent to learn how to build a robot, like Klex.

    4) Have Clark Kent actually use his superhuman intelligence at times. have Lex notice that Clark Kent seems to deliberately keep himself at Bs in all classes and but have occiosnal As to liven things up. Lex then realizes that Clark Kent is trying to keep himself under the radar and that he has to be intelligent otherwise how would he be able to deliberately select for answers that would always keep him at a B average. Too many times They tend to show Superman as this stupid brute, even on Smallville to the point that there's now the "BDA" meme. (Big dumb alien). I would like to see a smart Clark Kent, and have this be one of the reasons why he gets along with Lex Luthor the super genius so well.


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