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    New New Team Arrow


    Due to the directions of New Team Arrow members, do you think there will be a new
    lineup that will make 'New New Team Arrow' ?

    If so who do you think (or would like) to make up the team ?

    I personally would like Nyssa to be in the team and tease 'sister wife' Felicity

    Also what about Evelyn Sharp (redemption arc) after being saved by Oliver when the island exploded ?

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    Oliver is best without a whole bunch of people, especially since half of the episodes when he does have more than just him and sometimes Dig and Felicity is him justifying himself to a bunch of whining malcontents (see Seasons 5 and 6 for details). Besides, unless Guggenheim is lying his head off again in interviews, the goal of this season is to strip Oliver of his supports and go 'back to basics'. This probably means either on his own or with just Dig and Felicity. Considering the upcoming drama in this week's episode between he and Dig, and the fact that things are apparently going to get tense between he, Felicity, and William in next week's episode... I'd say it'll be about him going solo.

    Katrina Law wouldn't be available and in case you didn't notice, Nyssa annulled their marriage so there is no more 'husband' and 'sister-wife' dialogue options for her. Katrina has other commitments. Besides, since Nyssa is traveling with Thea and Roy, people would expect them to come back and WIlla's done with Arrow beyond maybe some guest appearances if they can get her, just like Colton, Katie Cassidy during Season 5, and Katrina.

    Evelyn, maybe. For all we know Madison's the one that paparazzi have spotted recently, but this probably means she got saved by Cayden or someone like Black Siren did since they've been filming Episode 21, which might as well be called "The Trial of Oliver Queen".

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    At this point, team Arrow will be back to just Oliver, Felicity and Diggle for season 7. I see no way that Rene will come back especially of what led to him being in the hospital and I doubt Dinah would come back...maybe Curtis since he still has that joint venture with Felicity. A wildcard would be Black Siren, if she totally redeems herself. Other than that, I think Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle will be the team for season 7. You look at all of the lost parts....Thea, Roy Harper, Laurel and Ragman..what the heck happened to him anyways? I know why he left the team, but I haven't heard any storyline reason why he hasn't come back yet.

    I mean, I kind of like a 3-4 member team because more than that because it's just too many moving parts. It's the same with Team's just too many people on the team. Both Oliver and Barry don't need so many team members.
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    Maybe they are going full circle, so to speak, and circling back to Oliver (or, more accurately, to his GA mission) as the the focus heading into S7 (Arrow's renewal confirmed along with the rest of the CW DCTV universe). Maybe they'll add or subtract team members depending on the mission, and we had a bit of a taste of that pre-civil war.

    After 6+ years the show does need an creative infusion, and simply going back to seeing a mythical fan-driven trinity (Oliver, Diggle, Felicity) doing the same old stuff next season just isn't so appealing to me. Nobody likes too many leftovers/reruns and I fear that defaulting to seeing them doing the same old thing may be done because TPTB think it's the safe bet, but it's not particularly inventive or interesting -- not after 6+ seasons.

    The roster does need a shake-up going into S7, which in my books means that some old faces need to step back, slip into part-time or Special Guest status or leave -- not just new ones.

    Maybe at long last, Diggle will finally see the obvious conflict between being a vigilante and being a father -- something he surely sees Oliver struggling with right now -- and he wisely decides that his bizarre need to want to be GA makes little sense in this context. I'd be more than fine with one or more team members taking a back seat, fading into the background and/or shifting to another show aka LoT etc. if only to give the show this needed infusion. New or old, a general thinning of the ranks is in order.

    They made the appropriate call with Thea. Yeah, I get she's a fan "favourite" (speaking for myself, it took me some time to come around to that notion) but realistically, she hasn't done a heck of a lot storywise over the past two years (partly due to WH's own choice) and after 2+ seasons of part-time Thea it was either time to double down on her character development or set up her exit. They gave her as good a sendoff as could be hoped for. We can only hope that Quentin -- surely the next in line for either a character-saving plot or suitable sendoff -- will get a fitting departure too.

    Maybe a theoretical "Newer" Team Arrow in S7 may consists of: Oliver, Felicity, a redeemed Black Siren (or reconciled "Dinah" Black Canary), with either Curtis or a reconciled Wild Dog as their pinch-hitters for specific missions, without the burden of being main roster members. If Dinah is still on the outs in S7 then she could also be a pinch-hitter for x or y missions. Ragman would also be available on a mission-basis under this scenario.

    So we could still get a 3-4 member "main" everyday roster, just the make-up and responsibilities could differ. And a potential 6-7 "expanded" roster for bigger or crisis-level missions.

    If E2 Laurel proves to be a total heel and is playing them like fiddles, then I feel this would increase the odds of Dinah joining the "Newer" S7 team roster.

    In an odd way, I feel that E2 Laurel blindsiding them would take some of the heat off Rene's fed ratting and make it easier for him to get back into the fold, because they'd make Black Siren's betrayal look far worse to max the melodrama out of it ... and send Quentin into yet another spell off the wagon. Rene ratting to the feds would pale, compared to E2 Laurel chewing up their redemption wishes and spitting it in their faces. But as deliciously diabolical as this route would be, I agree this looks to be unlikely.

    And in a practical sense, Rene's offence is the most grievous in their outlaw world and his journey back to the team's good graces should take the longest. Having said that, I find it funny that the fandom forgets that Oliver --more than once-- expressed that he understood why Rene felt he had to do what he did. Doesn't excuse Rene breaking the don't-talk-to-the-cops code they live by, but it's not like Oliver didn't have the foggiest idea why Rene did it.

    In these scenarios, Diggle takes a step back and asserts his duty as dad over that of Spartan (at this point, no one except Diggle is buying this fairy tale that he needs to be GA --again, where did that come from? ), thus slipping into part-time, pinch-hitting mode. Felicity could still be the main techie, but they could also shift more of the William parenting subplots to her next season while Curtis steps into the tech role more.

    If they have new and inventive ways to use Quentin or Diggle, I'm open to it -- but I've been thinking the same about Thea these past two seasons and they've largely come up empty. Exile or stepping back may be the most merciful route for either of them if we don't see anything substantial, storywise, for them by the season finale.

    It may not mean that S7 Oliver is "solo" in the sense that he operates alone, S1-style without any help. But maybe, just maybe, it means that Oliver won't be operating in this team-by-committee style that after this season, only proved that it's become a dysfunctional way to run a team. It'll be some weird balance between the two styles, at least I think that's how they want it to look like on paper.

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    I felt that they did the switch from 'Team Arrow' to 'New Team Arrow' too quickly in season 5. Also, I feel that the new members are bland. They don't
    have the same wow factor. The only ones I felt had potential were Evelyn Sharp and Ragman and they both left early

    I know some fans felt Ragman was overpowered, but maybe he can come back with new rags but reduced in power.

    Evelyn Sharp (redemption arc)
    Black Siren (redemption arc)
    Huntress (redemption arc)

    thinking out the box ..... James Olsen (from Supergirl) to give him something to do

    also kinda off-topic, I feel that Thea (Speedy) or Nyssa would do well on Legends of Tomorrow.

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    I would add Cupid to the fold. She would glue arrows for Oliver for free.

    But srsly, they have no idea what to do with more than three characters in the Arrowcave. Maybe they really should go back to the line-up Oliver, Diggle and Felicity in S7 - but instead of forced holy OTA they should rewatch the second part of S1 and remind themselves why that version of the team was likeable back then. Sadly, since women in "Arrow" can't talk with each other, there is no chance for some Black Siren and Felicity interactions.

    Oliver going solo would be interesting as well, but it would involve/require better writing, better planning, some outdoor shots and action (as well as some individual/procedural episodes).


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