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    Nerd HQ Panel with the cast of Supernatual

    If this isn't the right place for this, please move this where it should be if needed, but here's a Nerd HQ panel during Comic-Con featuring Jared, Jensen, Misha and Mark that's almost 60 minutes(called a 'Conversation For A Cause' for Operation Smile) with a tad little spoiler about Dean being a demon, but only if you're not aware that Dean's a demon, but mostly, it's a very funny and interesting talk between the cast members and the audience that sheds some light on who they are as individuals as well as the four acting like real good friends outside of their SPN gig.

    Also, the language probably doesn't make it safe to post the video itself on here, but here's the link. Enjoy!
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    Mark Sheppard's laugh is infectious.

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    Loved Mark Sheppard's comment about how he would be willing to do another 9 years, even if the others weren't. How cool would it be if the spin-off was based around Crowley & Castiel?


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