View Poll Results: Who would you most like to see get their own tv series?

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  • Superman (Lois&Clark)

    91 33.09%
  • Green Arrow (alone)

    27 9.82%
  • one of: Impulse/Flash, Cyborg, Black Canary, Aquaman or Martian Manhunter (alone)

    11 4.00%
  • Justice League (all, plus or minus Superman)

    67 24.36%
  • Kara/Supergirl

    26 9.45%
  • Chloe Sullivan

    17 6.18%
  • Lana Lang

    7 2.55%
  • Pete Ross

    1 0.36%
  • Shelby (yes the dog)

    13 4.73%
  • Other

    15 5.45%
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    Seasons 5-9 were a spinoff almost called metropolis in essence, because supposedly clark was attending met U, or was that just lana, and was clark going to kansas state? in the episode splinter of season 5 we see them at school, and then that was it, but yes, clark has been in and out of and then working at the daily planet already, so you could say that the show should have had these titles for the last couple of seasons and then next year make the leap to motion pictures with big screen battles against president luthor. robot brainiac and the legion of doom

    and here's a possible supergirl show spinoff, although I'd like to see her in the movies also

    I've posted many a thread that repeat this thought, that the show smallville has made such strides in the superman mythos that not making the leap to film would be a crime, a crime worthy of thirteen of the most evil beings from across the galaxy, the legion of doom!!!, they are one of three villains I want tom welling to fight in live action movies, along with the rest of the cast from the show, the other two being robot brainiac and president luthor, but those two are in the legion of doom already, so maybe president luthor and robot braniac could be in the first two movies and the legion of dcom could be in the third.

    I also wouldn’t mind a young batman tv show
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    Based on DCnU aquaman or


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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueRanger View Post
    This could be an awesome show but I'm glad the Justin Hartley starred pilot didn't get picked up. He's more Green Arrow.

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    Booster gold!

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    I would love to see Justice League, Titans or Young Justice but mostly I would like Metropolis, a continuance of Smallville.

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    I think they could do a combo of YJ and JL. I was hoping to see Conner again but that guy has another show. I think they should do a tv movie of the JL with YJ members. Then have a movie centered on Supes and Lois

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    Quote Originally Posted by KSiteTV View Post
    Booster gold!
    I cannot wait!

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    Superman[Lois and Clark] is my first choice. But, I would also love to see a Flash show, only this time last more than one season. And after watching the Aqua Man pilot, I would love to see more of that as well.

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    I'd like to see a prequal about lex luthor in metropolis before he comes to smallville. The show could following led through high school up to the point he comes to smallville. They could relive club zero and all the other.stories you used to hear about Alex before he came to smallville

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    I'd love a Superman spinoff or a Justice League spinoff with Superman in it. I love Clark and Lois and I love Superman.

    ----- Added 53 Seconds later -----

    Quote Originally Posted by smokedkill View Post
    I'd like to see a prequal about lex luthor in metropolis before he comes to smallville. The show could following led through high school up to the point he comes to smallville. They could relive club zero and all the other.stories you used to hear about Alex before he came to smallville
    This would be an interesting concept as well.
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    Connor Kent/Superboy would be cool. Or, like Phil Morris suggested a Manhunter spin-off would be an awesome idea. a great idea. why are they not picking any of this up? smallville has SOOOO much potential for spinoffs. almost any guest character they had could work. Hawkman is another good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InLove_with_Chloe View Post
    CSI: Chloe Sullivan Investigates.

    ----- Added 4 Minutes later -----

    I would not mid seeing these spin-offs:

    a)Justice League (Oliver, Bart, Cyborg, and Aquaman) taking down section 33.1
    b)Zatanna with Chloe as her zanny sidekick
    c)Flash, in which Bart is a secret agent man!
    d)Green Arrow, in which we remember just how liberal Oliver really is.
    e) A Smallville Birds of Prey (Dinah, Zatanna, Angel of Vengence, Tess, and Chloe)
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    It would be cool to see a Justice League or even a Justice League international. (JLI could take advantage of the lesser known characters since The Trinity (Supes, Bats, WW) probably won't be able to make an appearance.)

    Well we are getting a Green Arrow show, even if it doesn't feature JH. I'll still watch it.

    Also, even though I care nothing for Booster Gold, apparently he is also getting his own show.

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    Green Arrow (alone)
    A solo Green Arrow live-action series. What a ridiculous idea...! Could never happen.

    Pete Ross
    No real meat to flesh out. He pretty much was just there for the first three seasons. In a few episodes he only appeared for a few seconds in one scene. You'd essentially just call it a SV spin-off, then invent 100% of the show yourself, not really tying it back to the mothership.

    Chloe Sullivan
    Maybe a christmas special: All I Want for Christmas are the Charges Dropped, the Chloe Sullivan Story.

    Justice League (all, plus or minus Superman)
    Quite expensive. You'd largely end up something down the line of Legends of Tomorrow: barely anyone using their powers (because of budget restrictions) and half the season have the entire episode take place within their headquarters.

    Okay, a serious one. A Red Tornado series centered around Tess. They concluded the season 11 comic with Tess becoming Red Tornado (and a member of the formal Justice League). Out of the season 10 cast, I do think she would've had the most potential for a spin-off. She'd be the one with the most (narrative) boxes left to check off (for starters, setting up a new civilian identity). She was also only on the show for three seasons (+S11) and the show didn't go deep into her past beyond: illegitimate child of Lionel Luthor and Pamela Jenkins, adopted by the Mercer (with her adoptive father being abusive; nothing known about her adoptive mother), got into Harvard at 15 and then met Oliver on the island years later. So, a Tess show would also be able to explore and flesh out her past, without much contradictions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVfan87 View Post
    smallville has SOOOO much potential for spinoffs. almost any guest character they had could work.
    This universe has a lot of room for potential spin-offs. Sadly, they've never tapped into it (apart from a few web mini series like the Chloe Chronicles and the Vengeance Chonicles). Though, I don't think just about any guest character could work. A lot of the one-shots doesn't have much meat to them (okay, I'm mostly talking about original characters, not adaptations of DC characters). I've tried explore some in fan fics and the stories end up extremely short, because there's not much more to do with them.

    Hawkman is another good one.
    Hawkman could work. He was killed in S10 and is established to be reincarnated. So, it could be a SV spin-off, without them being dependent on Michael Shanks. Instead, you bring in a 20-something actor as the next reincarnation of Prince Khufu. You'd also have a pretty open field, when it comes to casting. Wouldn't have to be a white guy. He's the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince and in the comics, they've established that his pre-Carter Hall incarnations included Asians and a black guy. Then you have the fact that post-COIE, they had the Katar Hol version be half-Thanagarian/half-human (with his mother being Native American). And unlike the Arrowverse, they didn't have a white guy play an Egyptian prince and then have all his incarnations look the same. So, there's nothing stopping the next Hawkman in a SV spin-off to be black, Asian or Native American. Personally, I'd go for Native American, as it lines up with the post-COIE Katar Hol and you don't see many Native American superheroes on live-action TV (whereas all the Arrowverse shows have black superheroes). You know, diversity doesn't just mean insert black character and call it quits (which I sometimes get the feeling that many shows tend to do).

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