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    Board Master tyson08's Avatar
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    Smallville, Kansas
    E! was right in giving this episode an 'A'. It was definitely a joy to watch. It was slightly 'filler' (using the term loosely) but it was enjoyable!

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    Incurable Postaholic kg1507's Avatar
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    A wonderful, Cloisy place

    Is this Smallville or "filler"-ville?

    ...seriously? This episode was... just not good. I'm getting tired of filler episodes, especially when they just disappoint on so many levels. Here's just a few things I had problems with

    1. Zatanna. I mean, she really didn't have that much of a role in this episode. Not like in Hex.

    2. The kid. BORING

    3. Lack of Clois chemistry. Where is the chemistry we saw in the first half of the season? And god, there were a bunch of little Clois things that ticked me off, like, how come in Disciple, Clark is asking Lois to come back to the farm with him, and now in this episode, he's all, "This is new for me, I'm keeping her at arm's length." I mean, are the writers forgetting what they've written in past episodes?

    4. That Zatanna kiss. I mean, come on. I will say though that I was glad Clark had the sense to pull away and break the magic.

    I don't know... I feel like this season is starting to feel like the last half of season 8... The first half was amazing, and now, it's just... lacking something. And next week just looks like another filler. Even though it's Clois-related, I don't expect much from it, and that's a first for this Cloiser.

    All in all, I was disappointed in this episode.

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    A fun episode. I actually laughed out loud at a couple of scenes. It is nice to get a light hearted episode. Clois was great! I thought Chloe and Oliver were pretty hot together. It was sexy.

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    No Complaints from me bennyjr123's Avatar
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    looks like as far as this episode goes, you either LOVED it or HATED it. I loved it personally. i can see how some people would be angry though seeing as last week we got a huge action packed serious dc comic-esque episode and this week we get more of a season 1-3 episode.
    just kind of a callback to the older episodes, which i enjoyed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selina View Post
    I gave it a 6 but it deserved less.

    I really disliked that episode. The Warrior plot was boring. Chlollie has come out of left field that I just can't take it seriously (roulette was subtle but better), Clark and Lois kissing other people (though Lois disapointed me tonight).

    I don't know who's decision it was to have Lois kiss another bloke... Allisons or BQM.. but that was ridiculous on all accounts.
    I wasn't paying attention during the credits. Did AM direct that episode?

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    Chatterbox Christian moviefan2k4's Avatar
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    OK, here's my opinion, in a nutshell...

    Overall, it was an "okay" episode. I'm not a big fan of witchcraft stories to begin with (more on that later), but overall "Warrior" wasn't terrible. I'm glad we got to see another "Warrior Angel" reference, and it was cool to see Chloe's more playful side come out...even if it was because of an overgrown kid.

    The convention setting struck me as both funny and weird, since I'm a "moderately-frequent" attender at them myself. Falling planets and magic aside, what was shown on tonight's episode didn't miss the mark by that much. The numerous "Star Wars" references were funny, but Lois as a Xena / Wonder Woman combo was just ridiculous. I freely admit I grinned like a fool, but was there any point in that outfit otherwise?

    Some of the symbolism during Zatanna's "counter-curse" really bothered me, though. The whole "circle-star" emblem is usually associated with Wiccans, Satanists, or both, so I felt very unnerved by its appearance. As good as some other parts of the episode were, I really wish that "Smallville" would steer away from the occult, rather than towards it.

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    ending finished my decision

    I ws planning on giving it a high score,

    and then ENDING with Oliver and chloe-

    Just for that- i'm goning to....

    not change my decision


    CLark learning a bit about heroes, hmself, showing compassion(VREY SUPERMANISH)-

    he moves forward, and so does CLOIS

    and Zatanna - ..

    this was a good episode, i liked it

    a part of me wanted a superpowered brawl at the end- but...this wasnt goaled towads that, and i'm not going to blame the episode for my own personal expectations- besides, as they proved with the movie, they need to save their budget

    SO 10/10, for clark moving forward, clois moving forward, a kid learning what heros are bout- zatanna realizing some things, also seeing hte world from clark's eyes


    it all adds up to progress

    OH, and since i'm primarily a superpower addict- CLark showed ven more control ovre his "Superjmping" abilitity, so he's getting CLOSER STILL to flight!!!

    And from a superspeed combo- another fine episode of SV< i didnt expct it to progress so much after absolute justice for a while

    not bad

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    Ferte in noctem
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    Jun 07
    I liked all the Superhero Nods, The green arrow guy in every shot, wonder woman. I think Warrior angel is a Nod to Captin Marvel. So that def added points for me, And i dont read comics

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    Settling In
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    The episode was okay, AM's direction was great, but the episode was just meh. 7 out of 10

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    Forum Yoda CloisFan17's Avatar
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    No more Mythos.....Bring on Chlollie!!!! Avi: Ann
    Quote Originally Posted by PaulNeb View Post
    I wasn't paying attention during the credits. Did AM direct that episode?

    Yup Allison directed this episode

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    I gave it a 9. I was hoping that after his talk with Zatanna Clark would try to get some action from Lois.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asha14 View Post
    The writing was weak, the characterization for every single character was off, the story continuation was nonexistent, the best acting in this episode was the 12 year old kid, the rest of the cast was patchy at best. The direction was ok. 4 and that is mostly for the best part of the episode Clark and the kid.
    This. We even ended up giving it the same grade. And right now, I feel that that was even too generous.

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    Forum Regular amidaladaae's Avatar
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    It definitely had a filler vibe. The only productive plot point was possible Clark opening up to the use of a costume. Still, I enjoyed the lightheartedness; it was fun.

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    I gave it a 6, mostly for the kid and the early Lois scenes. I expected it to be funnier than it was, I guess. I didn't care for the B plot involving Clark and Zatanna. Thought Lois kissing the dude at the end was juvenile and OOC. The biggest problem I have with Chloe/Stephen was that anybody could tell there was something up with him. He talked like a kid, or a mentally challenged adult. I think it's insulting to Chloe to say she was so mesmerized by his abs she didn't notice.

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    This was downright awful for every character. Every single one.


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