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    Posting Pro friendsita's Avatar
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    Apr 09
    I like it a lot, it was fun chloe, clois... hot zatanna & clark, chloe flying & chlollie!!

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    Posting Pro Dr. Curt Connors's Avatar
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    Nov 09
    Oklahoma, United States
    10! I love odd episodes! Lois was pretty hilarious. Clark throwing the can was pretty funny as well. This was my first time seeing Zatanna on SV as I have not seen previous seasons yet. (Except for 1 and 2) I honestly think I can easily give every episode of SV a 10. This episode seemed really Chloe-centered, I didn't mind that.

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    Forum Yoda CloisFan17's Avatar
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    Jan 09
    No more Mythos.....Bring on Chlollie!!!! Avi: Ann
    I say 10/10 this was such a nice relieve from the regular boring Zod storyline we have been getting which I still like but they haven't done anything with it so it's nice to see a cute standalone episode that makes me smile, laugh, & just enjoy. This by far was one of the cutest episodes of the Season in my opinion. I thought the whole episode was so cute & funny & had so many comedic scenes I just thought it was a nice change.

    & also gotta say I freaking LOVE Allison Mack her directing was great, & acting was awesome. She was so adorable in this one. Clois was just so adorable could have done without the Zatanna storyline though even though it was cute how jealous Lois got & then when she kissed that guy & Clark's face was just so funny, also gotta say by far one of THE best ending to an episode I freaking loved how they played out Chlollie all of us Chlollie fans are screaming in our chairs I thought it was great that they put that in the sparks were flying all over the place.

    so all in all the episode was AMAZING!!!!

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    Forum Yoda geminis's Avatar
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    Jan 07
    North of Kansas
    That was cute and funny and dramatic and I could go on and on. It seemed more heavy on the Clark after AJ, which was SUPER! Automatic 10. No big surprise from me.

    Steven Swift/Alec was really cute and he and Chloe were sooo cute together. Comparatively speaking, Chloe and Oliver, whoa. Now that was some adult action.

    Lois and Clark as per usual were terrific together. I have to go back and rewatch because right now all I can do is incoherently babble.

    Zatanna was smoking. I really don't like the fact that she made the moves on Clark at all, but I love how Clark was actually able to snap out of her magic spell. First Maxima tried it on him, now Zee, but Lois is the one for Clark. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    And Chlo-Lo! That is what I've been waiting for!
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    Enemies To the End Bizarro345's Avatar
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    Dec 07
    Liked a few moments. Not so much others. A decent filler. I'll be generous and give it a 7.

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    Board Master Selina's Avatar
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    Feb 09
    United Kingdom
    I gave it a 6 but it deserved less.

    I really disliked that episode. The Warrior plot was boring. Chlollie has come out of left field that I just can't take it seriously (roulette was subtle but better), Clark and Lois kissing other people (though Lois disapointed me tonight).

    I don't know who's decision it was to have Lois kiss another bloke... Allisons or BQM.. but that was ridiculous on all accounts.

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    Board Master origin's Avatar
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    Jun 08
    Also this episode was so much better than power.

    Tonight's episode was very cute

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    Complete SV Nerd skully's Avatar
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    Sep 06
    A wee bit clunky but I'll have a rewatch before deciding. Not the worst but not the best.

    Seemed like one of those epis that had a lot of story to tell but not enough time to tell it in.

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    Jan 09
    I probably will have to rewatch it again to get a better idea. Had it's good and bad points. Not really sure I liked what they did with Zantana this episode, but Chloe came off likeable for a change.


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    Forum Regular reobeem's Avatar
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    Apr 07
    This was a great and funny episode. It was a real throwback to the earlier seasons before things got serious. All I can say when Zatanna works her magic (pun intended) it has the makings for a great episode. I enjoyed the Comic Con setting in the begining and Lois looked terrific wearing the old style Wonder Woman outfit. It was also nice to see that the writers remembered Clark like Warrior Angel and gave every character a little room to grow. The superhero antics of the kid were fun to watch and he did a great job acting like how most people would if they got superpowers. Also props for the Super Friends reference. I know this was shot before Absolute Justice but it's nice to see Chloe put a coach and table in the Watchtower. Overall I found Clark's apology to Lois funny and lol when she kissed that random guy. Too bad we didn't get to see what outfit she chose for Clark to wear at that ball. Next week looks to be a fun episode and I'm glad they're getting the campy fun episodes out of the way so we can a terrific buildup to this seasons end without interuption.

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    Forum Regular PaulNeb's Avatar
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    Feb 05
    Ok. That episode rocked! Clark's being a lot more Superman and less farmboy... Except where Lois is concerned. He was so busted and it was just too funny to watch.

    Chloe and Ollie. Interesting, even if I knew it was coming. The way they did it took me by surprise. It's logical. Oliver is, after all, the only member of the crew that really doesn't have any superpower and has faced a good number of personal demons. Chloe just had a really bad day. Maybe not a top ten day, considering everything she's been through, but certainly emotionally draining. Put the two of them together, especially in the state Chloe's in, and something was bound to happen. Hope she doesn't regret it in the morning.

    And Zatanna's always easy on the eyes.

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    Posting Pro asha14's Avatar
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    Apr 09
    The writing was weak, the characterization for every single character was off, the story continuation was nonexistent, the best acting in this episode was the 12 year old kid, the rest of the cast was patchy at best. The direction was ok. 4 and that is mostly for the best part of the episode Clark and the kid.

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    Settling In
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    Dec 08
    This felt like for the most part a throw-in/ funny themed episodes. The main thing I got from it, is the build up for the Chloe and Oliver spending the nights in the watchtower. A gift from Jimmy, lets not forget.

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    Posting Pro DreadShamus's Avatar
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    And... Once I think about it, how much budget was wasted on special effects for the lame transformation to villain for WA... and his defeat?

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    Epic Season 10!!! Kycowgirl92176's Avatar
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    Sitting on the DP, waiting for Superman to fly by
    It was light and amusing, not my favorite, but it was tolerable. I gave it a 7 because of the neat Clois moments. Wish they had kissed, but, oh, well. I think Clark came to the realization that he needs to lighten up and enjoy his relationship with Lois.

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