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  • Hell Yeah It Is! (I replayed it over and over)

    387 87.56%
  • It was Okay, Not as good as the kiss between them in 'Hydro'

    12 2.71%
  • No, The kisses with "Lollie" were better.

    15 3.39%
  • No, I'm a Clana Fan.

    28 6.33%
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    Quote Originally Posted by lifelovedestiny View Post
    THE FIRST OFFICIAL CLOIS KISS!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!! I have watched that scene SO many times, it is permanently engraved in my brain, which is totally not a bad thing at all!!!!!!
    LOL! i couldnt agree more!

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    Clois was the best kiss ever..

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    Clois kiss was mind blowing. It was so beautiful, that I had both my hands over my mouth in shock. TW and ED have the best chemistry on SV. This kiss beats them all. Most Epic kiss ever!

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    Clois in Crossfire, thats all I have to say on the matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsLoisKent View Post

    Which is the best one you remember?
    Personally, i think this one was the best.....
    and if there was a second place.... the "Chlark" kiss in vessel was pretty good too...
    ...the ones with Clark and Lana were never this ......Perfect.
    I'm suprised they didn't get on on the DP's floor!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellokitty View Post
    I agree with you, except that is no longer the "best" one. If you take redK out of the equation, it would not have been that intense and passionate. That one used to be my best kiss memory, but it no longer is. Can't even remember it, the one in Crossfire was just THAT good!

    ----- Added 6 Minutes later -----

    EXACTLY Nora!! This is why it blew any other kisses on the show completely off the radar. This wasn't high school crushes or hormones, or end of the world may as well get it on, or redK influenced. It was REAL and RECIPROCATED and it had so much more depth and passion behind it b/c of all that. Clark's emotional transparency in this episode as well as his confidence and all-out MANLINESS is what completely elevated this gesture above and beyond anything else we've seen with anyone else. Look at his face as he's kissing her, he isn't trying to keep her or marking territory for Oliver, he is in complete, utter bliss. He is in love and he knows it, and God help Lois, I think she might have a clue now!
    No more scared little boy.
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    The best kiss ever.

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    Thumbs up

    Out of all the kisses I've seen on SV. This one was the best! I mean that. The scene was beautifully shot, the music was great, it took place at the DP. It reminded me of a motion picture, Clark wasn't on anything, the world wasn't ending, no hypnosis, no magic, just 100% Clark and Lois. I freakin' love Tom and Erica's chemistry on this show! Besides the Kents, no other SV relationship is better! Add Lois and Oliver too : )
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    I was like "wow!" it was awesome

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