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    New In Town TVD_Lulu's Avatar
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    Apr 11
    I loved it one of the best pilot's I have ever seen

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    >>>THE FLASH<<< super_j_man's Avatar
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    Sep 07
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    I finally watched the pilot of the show and I have to say not too bad.

    "I was impressed. I'll give it a six. Missing style, but I was pleasantly surprised. Very good with the whole face thing, it was good."

    Well actually I gave it a 7. I feel like the main thing that is driving me to watch the next episode is people telling me it gets better and more action driven. I understand that they have to set up character backstories, relationships and other plots. I just hope that it's not going to all be about teen soap drama (which I hear it's not). I liked Elana and Stefan. I liked how they had similar stories from two different worlds. I also liked the introduction of Damon. Kinda like Lex from Smallville, he seems to be a likeable antagonistic character. The relationship between the two brothers seems well establish and I'm interested to see where it goes. I also like Elana's brother as a character. I guess of all the characters, I didn't like Bonnie and Caroline. They both have kinda annoying personalities but that probably just comes from the fact that their typical teenagers. Though the twist concerning Bonnie gave a few points in her favor. I'd like to see where that goes. Caroline just makes my skin crawl. I also wasn't impressed with Elana's aunt. The actress here just didn't deliver IMO and there was nothing interesting about her character.

    The action seemed very teasing. Like you wanted more of it but the show only gave it to you in small doses. I guess that is another hook and a way to keep you interested. Otherwise I'm hoping the next several episodes become less drama and more action/suspense thriller. I know a show can't strive on action alone but since this is a show about vampires and other mystical creatures, it something that's got to come with the territory. If that even makes sense.

    I'll definitely stick around for a few more episodes before I buy all of season 1.

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    ~ArcAngel~ Munnag's Avatar
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    Sep 10
    i guess i am pretty late in start watching this tv series but better late than never
    i have started with season 1 this month

    so i have shot on Pilot, i must say its well done, i totally loved it.
    so what is it like? another twilight story? Stefan so reminded me edward from Twilight.
    And Damon the evil brother, oh man he can't be hotter than over all i loved the piloit. so 9 points.

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