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    Quote Originally Posted by KryptonSite View Post
    ...If this had been the show every week ratings would've never fallen. Great stuff, suspenseful situations where you worry about the characters, and big surprises. I loved it.
    Hm, with a show like TSCC with the "prepaid advertising" from the movies, you've got the fans who loved the movies and you're never going to get the ones who hated the movies.

    Plus part of the reason the fans (including me) on this board are raving about this ep was that Derek got whacked. It's just not logistically possible to whack a "close" member of the team every ep. As for "worrying about the characters", the characters are being chased by nearly unstoppable robot assasins.

    Quote Originally Posted by KryptonSite View Post
    Though I can't help but get a "episode before the last episode ever" feeling from it...
    Unfortunately me too.

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    I'm thinking that if they would have would have had this quality in the last 10 episodes, we wouldn't have to be praying for a 3rd season. I love this show, but I doubt that it's going to be picked up for a third season. I can't wait till Friday for the season finale

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