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Thread: Is Jesse Dead?

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    no way she's dead...first of all, there are too many unanswered questions about her mission in the past ( who sent her? who is she working for? and on and on...); also, I don't think Derek is a cold blooded murderer: we know he killed Andy Goode ( under particular circumstances...), but so far that's the only confirmed murder, and I can't believe one could so eagerly kill humans, when he comes from a place where human life is the most sacred thing of, he received a direct order to let her go from JC, "the man he would die for"...I believe that when he was shown pulling the trigger, that was just a symbolic kill, Derek's way of letting her go, "shooting her out of his life"...

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    Click Click Pull ! Derek definately blasted her. Im so happy she was found out and that she won't be interfering in the affairs of the Connors and Derek. Derek totally has his own agenda. I mean sure he's going to protect and watch out for John but true John's not the Leader yet! Derek capped Andy Goode because well that was his agenda to kill that sob. He's doing things his way not so much Johns.

    It's interesting to say the least. John completely trusts Cameron and the whole relationship he's having with the Terminator is totally things he learned when he was a child " Terminator 2" Arnold's Terminator was a father figure - trusted - always there to protect him - die for him. Same goes for Cameron altho you see a a lil romantic twist between cam and him.

    Great Episode!
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    I still don't think she's dead, for a number of reasons, but I'm also glad she won't be around for awhile. she really just caused a lot of problems for everyone. same goes for riley. good riddance.

    I wonder if, at the last second, Derek decided that killing Jessie in defiance of JC's orders would make him as much of a traitor as she was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthan View Post
    I wonder if, at the last second, Derek decided that killing Jessie in defiance of JC's orders would make him as much of a traitor as she was.
    It was probably a combination of things, but I think the main reason is simply that he loved (or still loves) her. He felt hurt/betrayed by her and wanted to hurt her back. I don't think he ever had any intention of actually killing her, he probably emptied his gun of bullets beforehand. It was a symbolic shooting/trigger pulling, as others have said.

    I wonder if John thinks Derek killed her, because he didn't exactly give a straight answer. Why doesn't anybody demand STRAIGHT ANSWERS from people in this series? Lol it seems no matter how vague or unclear someone is being, the other person just accepts it and chooses to remain aloof. lol Anyway, as others have said John's reaction afterward seemed to support the idea that John wasn't sure whether Derek killed her or not. That and at the end of the ep, he wept--it might not have been just for Riley, but for Jesse, and even Derek as well. John weeps for all of mankind, because he's Jesus. heh (J.C.=John Connor=Jesus Christ)

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