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    Was a third (unseen) character involved in this..?

    After Oliver shot Clark, Martian Manhunter showed up an flew Clark into the sun, in order to heal him and restore Clark's powers, at the cost of his own. However, this does not explain how they managed to get back to Earth (since Martian Manhunter would be too harmed by the flames of the sun); Clark is unable to fly just yet, and atmospheric reentry would surely have incinerated the Manhunter. A likely explanation is that J'onn used his telepathic abilities to call someone else, who could fly (unharmed) into the sun, grab them both and then fly them back to the Earth.


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    i thought that too... how did they got back?

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    It was ether John Jones waved a car over hitchhiked or John knows someone that owes him a favor.

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    I've been rewatching episodes and yeah, this one bugs me. If J'onn lost his powers from the sun, how did they get back to Earth? I suppose it could be explained by J'onn's powers being slowly drained but that doesn't seem very logical to me.

    In the next scene, Clark is waking up in the barn. In jeans and a t-shirt. Which makes me wonder, did J'onn really undress Clark and dress him in jeans and a t-shirt?

    Normally I'd explore this in a fanfic oneshot but even I can't get my head around it. It's a bit of a plothole. Maybe it's pedantic and yeah, I know the show's been over for years but I kind of hate unanswered questions. I know the show wasn't perfect as there were a lot of continuity issues and even some retcons, but I'd love to know what theories others have come up. And nothing too outrageous please.

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    Inertia. J'onn took a slingshot route around the sun. Voyager I and II used Saturn and Jupiter to propel them further into outer space.

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    I wish the showrunners did a Q and A after this episode and was asked this question. I mean, it would've been cool if there was an unseen character that gave Martian Man and Clark a "ride" back to Earth. But I think the "lame" answer here would be that while the sun took away Martian Man's powers that he had just enough juice left to get both himself and Clark back to Earth....and once there, his powers were gone.


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