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    Loved It? Hated It? what did you think of "Bulletproof?"

    Please do not post your opinions until after the episode airs and please be respectful of others.

    MODS: please edit this poll from its closing date since I unable to,..thank you
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    Idiot superhippie2000's Avatar
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    closed will open when episode airs

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    Society of Super Mods STFanatic's Avatar
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    The door is open

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    Society of Super Mods Ginx's Avatar
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    Great episode except for the end, for me it wasn't needed. Loved the idea of teamwork in the future for CK and also thought Tess' storyline took an interesting twist.

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    Forum Whiz pjack's Avatar
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    Krypton(avi by me)
    It was cool. I liked it. Seemed kinda fillerish thogh.

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    She's the ONE!!! melissan02's Avatar
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    My happy place, grining & thinking..told ya'll so!
    Not only is the door open on this thread, but it's open on Clana as well!

    Such a shame! And I thought this show was about Clark becoming Superman?
    Let me know when Lana leaves, so Clark can be allowed to move forward in life!!!
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    Board Master tyson08's Avatar
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    Smallville, Kansas
    Great episode, I love the feel and atmosphere. I like dark Smallville and it seemed written extremely well. The only part I didn't like was that Clark is still into Lana, he needs to move on. I don't want Lana to be the one who ends it, Clark needs to.

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    Settling In xHerox's Avatar
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    I have to admit that following the stellar last two episodes of the show, I went in to “Bulletproof” with lower expectations simply because it seemed to be a somewhat gimmick-centric episode – but I was pleasantly surprised, which is why I gave it an ‘8.’ While obviously I don’t think that this episode is at the level of “Bride” or “Legion,” I did think that it was enjoyable overall and it was nice to see the show going into a slightly different direction – even if I don’t think it completely worked.

    To be honest, I thought that this episode was a little bit darker than it needed to be, because this show isn’t intended to be some kind of procedural revolving around cops; that being said, it was interesting to see the dichotic between the “heroes” in the police force and Clark and Oliver, the real heroes. I thought that this episode told a really good psychological story, and even though this episode doesn’t really center around Clark getting a new power or something like that I think the events of this episode will really help to shape Clark’s character for the rest of the season – and possibly the show.

    Finally, I have to point out that even though I have sort of a love/hate relationship with the romance between Clark and Lana, I rather enjoyed the last scene and really didn’t want it to end so suddenly. Although in seasons past I would have preferred that the writers have moved in a different direction with Clark’s relationship status, I am genuinely intrigued to see where Clark and Lana go from here, because I think their storyline has definite potential with the element of Lois added.

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    Settling In claire_lane's Avatar
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    I don't know what to say

    bye Smallville

    I give up

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    a little leap of faith Khyla's Avatar
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    Apr 06
    Except for Chloe mentioning Lois to Clark, this episode rocked!

    Clark was in full on Superman-mode. I loved it!

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    John 3:16 ClarkyBoy14's Avatar
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    Delaware, Ohio

    Good episode, but the ending wasn't so great.

    Lots of stuff to like such as Clark and Chloe's Lois talk, Clark undercover, John Jones is back (there should have been more of him!), the little kid dressed up as the Red/Blue Blur, the Lana/Tess smackdown, Tess cutting it off with Lex, etc.

    Few things I didn't like such as the ending, Lana's "you're the man I always imagined you could be" line and Ollie seeming to flip-flop on his standards (yelling at Clark after attempting to kill Lex in "Bride").
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    I AM the villain. redkryptoniteisthebest's Avatar
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    It was okay - 7/10.

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    Ming-the Merciless Glove's Avatar
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    I thought that it was a good episode. I liked how the lines were drawn for
    badges and capes and the differences in crime fighting rules. It was another
    very well written episode. It's up there with Legion and Identity.

    I liked the teamwork theme. I liked the cat fight. There could have been
    more John Jones, but the story worked. The group of police let Clark into
    their click a bit fast, but it worked for the 45 minutes they had to tell the
    story in. The episode had good flow.
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    Posting Pro Kid Collins's Avatar
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    This episode was boring as hell. What saved it was the last Clana scene.

    Clark manning up and wanting to save the world AND be with Lana. Nice kiss btw.

    KK looked gorgeous.

    Clana and KK looking beautiful and of course the kickass fight between Lana and Tess.

    Episode Plot: Rate 5 Clana end scene: Rate 10 Lana/Tess smackdown : Rate 10.
    Overall average Rate: 7

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    Incurable Postaholic lifelovedestiny's Avatar
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    I was actually very suprised by this episode. I wasn't expecting it to be all that great but there were a few good things about it. I was SO glad when Clark & Chloe talked about Lois, it made my night!!! Also, I thought the overall storyline was really good and it was nice to see Clark in a uniform. For some reasons some of the fighting scenes seemed really fake, for example when Tess was with her instructor and when Green Arrow crashed the little police bash the first time. I didn't like the ending either, but thats just the cloiser in me!! Overall I gave the episode a 7.

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