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    Poll: Lex and Lana pregnancy

    I'm not. Not at all. I hate how many people he killed in 6 and how he convinced Lana he wasn't involved and only helps others. Plus the pregnancy thing. No the pregnancy was planned, I read that...
  2. Smallville: Why you shouldn't hate Lana or Lex

    So apparently there's people that hate Lex and Lana or both or one and then there's people that say they're both evil and Lana's treated as perfect! debatable. Or that Lex is a child-predator! After...
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    Analysis: Lana Lang

    Seasons 1-3

    Lana because she didn't love Clark or Lex. But the friendships she begins with them is at a very young age. And experiences shape their relationships. She literally tried to cheer up...
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