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    Hey, Sky! Just wanted to let you know I got your message! School is over and I am in the midst of writing a fic for the Chlark exchange but the moment I am done, I am running as fast as I can to your new fic!!!!
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    K-Site has quietened down a little, from what I can tell. I am sorry I concerned you. But never fear, I could never call it quits on Chlark! I've just been busy which of course never leaves me a lot of time to write. I am actually surprised I found the time to update AtY! Even if it was a short, it definitely was what the Dr. ordered to reinvigorate me for more course work.

    Any of your Masterpieces close to being unveiled? You know, you may just need a new muse. Or maybe this is how it gets. :P My muse comes in spurts, too, so I can't really be giving advice. Do I get to have any sneaky peeks into the creative world of Dee and Sky?? I am glad y'all are working together again. I still need to finish Agenda but I am always so happy to hear she is working again.
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    Hey, Sky!! I have recently found some down time and realized I had never thanked you for the birthday wish. So, thank you!! It was nice. I mean, I had to work, but I lived another year, so go me!!

    How are you, my darling? I haven't been on here in a while, so when I found myself with some time tonight I felt like saying 'hi' to all my online friends. Hope all is well, hon!!
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    YES!! I am glad to know all that time has paid off. I can't wait to read it! I am heading to bed shortly so I'll have some good reading material to lull me to sleep.

    And I was wondering what happened to you. Good to know the time was being productive and stuck in a drain pipe somewhere.
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    And before I forget... I'm updating 'AtY' later on tonight. I am still expecting my review. Don't make me ride you on that. We can have an open relationship and I'll allow you to whore yourself out to others, but I am a jealous and greedy author... You don't want to make me do something I will regret...

    And yes, you have 7 VMs. Whoops. I got carried away.
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    Okay, done with the TVD gushing.

    Mafia games are really fun, but I've been playing them for over a year now and I have gotten away from what I really love doing. They take so much of my time, time that I would like to devote to Chlark. I have not sworn them off completely but this last game showed me how time consumming they really are. I was torn. I wanted to write, but I needed to do my share in Mafia. And I was always catching up on posts! So, when I would have time to write, it was always eaten up with trying to get into the live part of the game instead of being behind. I AM enjoying my book! Its funny, out of all the characters in the thing, I have formed an attachment to the pious monk, Philip. Of course, since I think he's the MAIN one in the book, I guess that is what you are supposed to do, but it still makes me laugh!! Agenda is wonderful. I still need to leave my latest comment but I am only a few chapters away from finishing it.
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    Damon and Elena... The Vampire Chlark. Damon (Chloe) is a 175 year old vampire who is in love with 18 year old human Elena (Clark) and she just happens to be dating Damon's brother Stefan (Lana/Lois) who is also a Vampire. I can't even describe Delena. They are that wonderful. The first two seasons they were so Chlark, with Damon in love with Elena and Elena not knowing it or even caring. Throw into the mix that Damon is your typical anti-hero, doing things that no one agrees with to save Elena at any cost, well... If you have the time at some point, try to catch a few episodes or even some Delena scenes on youtube. They are just so moving. Damon is also pretty dark, too. And Wilfred IS strange. I have to wonder if Elijah Wood's character is mentally stable. Which he's not when you realize he sees his neighbor's dog as an Aussie man in a dog suit. Its hard to find on the net, so I don't know how committed I'll be watching it.
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    When TVD first came out, I was like you have GOT to be kidding me. Two guys and one girl? Could you be anymore cliche?? Nevermind that the two guys were unbelievably HOT but I am finding as I am aging that is not the only thing that appeals to me anymore. Well, three of my friends watch it and they were always talking about it so I thought I would watch a couple of episodes. It was on Netflix so I thought what do I have to lose? My sanity, that is what. I got hooked from episode ONE. Most of the time the episodes end of cliffhangers so they keep you coming back for more. Not only that, but the writing is good and the plot is VERY thought out. At the beginning of the show they already have 6 seasons planned out and we are just now entering seaosn 4. And then, there is Delena.
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    It sounds interesting. I am currently catching up on (shut it ) Dawson's Creek. I watched the first 4 seasons because a friend asked me to and I got hooked. So, I am making my way through that on Netflix. I have always promised to watch Psych, too, which I've heard of but never seen. I need to look for it on Netflix Instant. I don't have a lot of time for actual TV these days. I have a DVR but normally, that is saved for (again, you better not use this for blackmail) Lifetime or Hallmark movies. SOA, from what little I got to watch, was good. It was funny and dark in the 'good guys' kinda way. And oh my gosh, Dexter!! Now THAT I REALLY WANT TO SEE!! Call me morbid, but serial killers have always fascinated me.
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    You little tart!! I thought what we had was special? I feel so used. You only wanted me for my Chlark, didn't you??! Well, as Joey says, "If you're gonna cheat, do it right!" and you are. I can't stand between you and your true love. I know Dee likes it hard. Y'all are perfect for each other. I wish they made Writer ADD Ritalin. My problem is not only losing focus, its that I have all these awesome ideas that come to me and I HAVE to write them to get them out. I would be more along the lines of meds for Writer Schizophrenia.
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