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  • CW's Crisis On Infinite Earths Fix!

    Like some I disliked the crossover, it's the worst out of all of them, and this is my preference for it to be done. Here are the ideas God blessed me with:


    The Supergirl part is the least changed out of this whole thing.

    We establish why the Monitor can't fight the Anti-Monitor. The Monitor explains all this:

    That he himself is trapped within dimensions. He can only pass through the dimensional barriers for short period at a time, or he will start to deteriorate. When the Anti-Monitor first began, his thirst for the destruction of this multiverse was too great, and the Monitor realized that he and him were tied by cosmic energy and that they both had to be trapped at the same time. He trapped them into the vanishing point. The nexus of the flow of time. With no time, they'd have no connection to the energy sources of the matter of their respective universes and be unable to act within time directly physically, locking them in using the language of time. The time masters never realized they'd built their base around it. Nash Wells opened the portal from the outside that no man should know how to open encoded with the language of time, punching through the barrier between this universe and the vanishing point, that the Monitor had been using to traverse between it and this universe. The Monitor explains that the only reason he's been able to leave at all, is because of the field being loosened reverberating backwards in time due to a near future release of the Anti-Monitor.

    Monitor tells the team that the Anti-Monitor is no better or worse than what he could've become, that he's seen other versions of himself become, referencing the Monitors from the Smallville comic, suggesting that they may have been formed by an alternate universe version of himself.

    No running off to another earth to deal with another Oliver trying to protect Clark and Lois's baby. Any personal scenes between Sara and him would just be between Oliver and and her.

    The other legends would be unable to come due to them being trapped in the past. The red skies of anti-matter making it so they can't time travel back and the others can't time travel to get them. Like with Barry.

    We delve into Kate's feelings regarding what's happened with her story and she tells Kara that after she catches Alice she's going to quit being Batwoman, as she can't accept the consequences of people she cares about suffering and dying because of her actions.

    Barry would comfort Kara about the destruction of Argo. This loss would be like a blow of the loss of her people all over again.

    Oliver would meet Supergirl's Earth Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, who is played by Colin Donnell.

    Sara offers the waverider for help in carrying people off of Supergirl's earth.

    In the final fight of the episode, the shadow creatures would be more of physical force to hold back as people escape. They can defeat them, but not with hand to hand combat from the powerless humans.

    As the battle is beginning to be lost, Monitor starts transporting the other heroes away, but before he can do it for Mia and Oliver, a shadow creature takes over Lyla and the Anti-Monitor speaks through her, thanking the Monitor for using their cosmic energy to empower Harbinger, binding her to the Monitor and to him, making it so he could siphon his power from him, taking what's rightfully his. Oliver and Mia make a move to stop him but the Anti Monitor throws them back with a telekinetic blast. The Anti-Monitor rips Monitor's energy from him, the Monitor beginning to turn into dust, dying. The AM then turning to Oliver, smirking and then teleporting away.

    Oliver and Mia get their bearings and both look to see the army of shadow creatures rage toward them and Oliver, thinking quickly, takes out a breach device, activates it and throws it to Mia, her realizing what's happening as it lands in her hands and it transporting her away as she yells out to him. Oliver takes out his bow and arrow and begins fighting off the creatures as best he can, him holding them back for just a moment, as other ships escape Supergirl's earth. With no more arrows he fights them hand to hand, but they quickly overwhelm him, as we see a wideshot of the shadow creatures destroying the tower and it falling.

    Meanwhile Mia is transported to the bunker on E1 and is met with Barry asking where Oliver is, as she furiously tries to reactivate the breach device, but it no longer works, her breaking down into tears. Barry realizes what's happened and in a moment of emotional desperation, punches a whole through space time, causing a breach (like Zoom did in season 2 of The Flash), racing through and reappearing with Oliver. Oliver's badly wounded, in horrible shape, near death, but not dying. He's still alive.

    And Kara watches on devastated at the destruction of her earth. The weight of this, of watching helplessly as another planet of hers, another home of hers, is destroyed, crushing her.


    Please review and tell me what you think!

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    In the opening of the episode, Oliver wakes up on Lian Yu, then searching it, seeing visual reminders of his losses from the past, then being confronted by the Spectre, a green cloaked, shrouded figure, who quickly defeats Oliver and pins him to the ground, telling him his destiny is finally upon him.

    This part has a bit more going on, so I'll explain in lettered plots:

    A. This is a Batwoman episode, so like Kara was more or less the focus before, she's the focus here. The main structure and this bleeds into the B plot, is that the Monitor is dead now and the crisis is sill happening and they want to help other earths try and prevent E2's and Supergirl Earth's destruction for themselves. This plot is much more involved here. Using Pariah, someone who can sense the destruction of an Earth, sets their breach devices by a signal that'll send them to an earth by how close it is to being hit by the antimatter, taking them to the place where that might originate. Kate does this, but not before being found by E-1 Bruce, played by David Giuntoli, whose come due to the end of world type situation that's unraveling. We will expand on why this Bruce left. When Jason Todd was murdered, he became bitter and filled with rage and in this fit he hunted down the Joker and nearly killed him. Seeing himself as no longer fit to be Batman, he left, but this situation is dire enough to convince him to step back up. He and Kate travel to a few earths to warn those earths of the crisis, going to Gotham first. The First is Birds Of Prey TV Series Earth 109, where she meets Helena Kyle, played by Ashley Scott, and Dinah Lance, played by Rachel Skarsten, and with a vocal cameo by Oracle, played by Dina Meyer. Bruce is distraught at the idea of an earth where he's had a daughter. Kate is taken aback by Dinah's appearance, and doesn't know how to deal with it, but pushes through to find out where Batman is, thinking he may be able to help. Earth 109's Batman is Kevin Conroy Bruce, a bitter, angry and alone Bruce whose lost almost everything in his life. Alfred, Jason, Damien his son, Selina and Kate. Here we delve into why he left Helena and Gotham, seeing himself and Batman as nothing but an bringer of pain and death of all that he cares about. He's angry at Helena for her staying as a vigilante, thinking it will only bring to her what it's brought to him, that and his fear of bringing his family pain driving him to stay away. KC Bruce relents when he hears about the crisis, but it's too late and the anti-matter sweeps in, taking out Gotham, Helena with it, as Kate uses a breach device to take her, E1 Bruce and KC Bruce out of there. KC Bruce is devastated at this, but regroups out of a desire for revenge against what's done this. Kate realizes the breach device took them to Gotham TV Series Earth 14, met with Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz. They explain the situation to him, he's shocked, but grasps the importance of the situation and offers to help, him being dismissed due to his age and lack of experience. He protests this, but is met with the other Bruces viewing him as naive, citing their losses and how he doesn't understand the cost of being Batman, DM Bruce angrily snapping back that they've failed the city their parents wanted to protect, rejecting that future for himself, of giving up like that. But the red skies begin to emerge, the shadow creatures beginning to sweep across the world. KC Bruce almost taking a sadistic pleasure at the idea of destroying these things, as he activates his armored bodysuit. It wouldn't have to be too fancy as far as budget wise.

    B. This one is much smaller, showing a few similar aspects, but not leaning so hard into the fan service in the way the show does. Kara, Lois and Clark, using the breach device set to tracing antimatter signatures, go to Smallville TV show's Earth 217. There they meet Smallville Clark and Lois, who still have kids. Kara's shellshocked to see Lois look so similar to her mom. At an earlier point of this story, Kara begins to feel obsessed with the idea of turning back time and preventing her earth and Argo's destruction, pushing Ray to try and figure out how to get the waverider to time travel, so she can prevent it. Seeing a Lois who looks like her mom doesn't help. They warn him of the crisis and the Anti-Monitor (which SV Clark recognizes the name Monitor in), offering up the ways it can be at least held off, as they try and find a way to stop it entirely, suggesting he gather the help needed to make it happen as they seek out other earths to warn, Smallville Clark calling Smallville Oliver Queen (played by Justin Hartley), and talking about this, telling him that they're gonna need help as the skies start to turn red. The others then leaving, going to Superman The Movie/Series Earth 78. Where they meet Brandon Routh's Superman, who explains to them his losses due to the same thing as what happened in the show, Kara reflecting on the loss of this Superman and how he strives not to lose himself. Him agreeing to help in any way he can. Meanwhile SV Clark and SV Oliver goes to Smallville Lex Luthor (played by Michael Rosenbaum) and convince Lex to supply what's needed for the tower to try and hold back the antimatter.

    C. This one is more simple than the others. Sara, Barry and Mia try to work out what to do with Oliver, whose badly injured, but the waverider isn't able to heal him due to the creature's attacks being based in antimatter energy. They get Jjonn to project them into Oliver's mind to try and figure out what's going on, after Jjonn tells them that he senses that although Oliver's soul is still connected to his body, it's somewhere else. Oliver questions the Spectre's meaning and where he's come from, the Spectre telling him he was once Jim Corrigan, a officer who sought justice once but allowed himself to become corrupt and killed someone to save his own skin, only to be killed himself, in his dying moments finding God and repenting for his sins, God saving his life by giving him the opportunity to become a heroic force in the world, by being like a vessel for God's vengeance on earth. Spectre tells Oliver that it's now his turn to do the same and become a vessel's for God's vengeance of the multiverse against the Anti-Monitor. Oliver repents, giving his life to God and Jesus Christ, accepting this as his destiny. But not before Mia, Barry and Sara arrive, calling to Oliver. Oliver, torn at first, grasps the importance of this, and agrees, the Spectre's white-greenish energy emerging from underneath his shrouded cloaked face and breathing into Oliver. Barry, Mia and Sara are bounced out of Oliver's mind and Oliver's body disappears from the waverider in a flash of light.

    At the conclusion of the episode, the heroes gather to fight back the forces collecting on Earth 14. In the midst of this, we'd get some old fashioned fan service, with KC Batman and BR Superman fighting back to back, and E1 Bruce and TH Superman fighting together as well. Meanwhile, we catch a glimpse of something similar happening on Earth 217, with SV Lex himself in an armored suit and SV Clark as Superman, SV Oliver in Green Arrow garb, Smallville Aquaman (played by Alan Ritchson), with their Flash and others fighting as well. Back on E-14 the Bats are focused on beating the shadow creatures, while DM Bruce sees a family trapped in an area surrounded by shadow creatures, seeing the Supers and others making sure the hold back the majority of the shadow creatures to ensure the majority of civilians escape (though this is shown to not be possible as the shadow creatures are even more powerful than before), he throws a small explosive to break them free, and takes the heat of the shadow creatures, him taking a hits from them, it severely injuring him. KC Bruce takes DM Bruce's sacrifice in as he helps defend Kate, as she catches this. The shadow creatures begin to overwhelm them. When suddenly, E-38 Lex Luthor emerges through a breach and, surprisingly, uses a sonic machine that's emitting waves that cause the shadow creatures to stop attacking temporarily, E-38 Clark and Kara frozen in shock at seeing him, as he smiles smarmily at them and tells them, "Hurry up, I can't save you for very long with this!" Kate reacts quickly and manages to grab Bruce, just in time to escape as the earth collapses in on itself, every one of the team following suit.

    Now, DM Bruce lay dying, the damage from the shadow creatures causing his body to fail. Gideon explains that it'd need a near perfect genetic match of Bruce to transfer non shadow creature damaged DNA, which would cause the one who transferred it to die in cellular degradation. KC Bruce stops E1 Bruce before he volunteers and takes the hit, explaining that he's lost his way and to tell DM Bruce thank you for showing him what it means to be Batman again, that it's not about punishing the guilty, but about preserving the innocence of those who are defenseless. The process starts and it heals DM Bruce, as KC Bruce dies. Kate cries in a mixture of grief and relief as DM Bruce wakes up, and she gives him the thanks, as well as from herself and E1 Bruce does so as well. Gideon does maintain that DM Bruce stay in sick bay, when he tries to get back to the fight. Kate and E1 that they can be enough Bat for now.

    Meanwhile E-38 Clark and Kara throw Lex up against the wall, and angrily interrogates him about what he has to do with this. Lex remains cavalier about the situation, snarkily asking them if they can't handle it when he shows them that he's the hero. Kara and Clark's eyes glow with heat vision energy, before they reel themselves in, releasing him. Brandon Routh Superman asks him how he was able to stop those shadow creatures. Lex replying with, "Oh, another one. Delightful. At least this one has manners." Further explaining that it didn't stop them, but held them off temporarily by blocking the signal of whatever was controlling them. They question that, much to Lex's amusement, him outloud stating, "It's a good thing the Monitor brought me into this. Obviously, none of you are equipped with the brainpower to save humanity." Lex looks to E-38 Clark, saying, "It's gonna be fun working together again, don't you think?" Much to Clark's scowling.

    The team are then alerted to the waverider jumping to one of the next earths that's to be wiped out. The waverider jumps.

    Sara then calls the whole team to the control room, everyone rushing to it. Barry and the rest are met with the horror that Earth 1 is one of the next earths to be engulfed in the antimatter wave. Pariah appears, and begins laughing. Barry reacts furiously to this, grabbing him and asking him what he finds funny. Pariah explains that when he released the Anti-Monitor, he was promised that when this time came, he would get to do the damage. Barry slowly begins to realize what he's saying, as Pariah's eyes glow red and he superspeeds around the waverider cockpit, knocking everyone off their feet. Eobard Thawne stands over a shocked Barry in full Reverse Flash garb and says that their crisis has come.


    Please review and tell me what you think!


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      Eobard explains to Barry that in previous timelines, it was a younger version of himself that experienced this in 2024. When the dagger was destroyed, his future death was prevented and he took advantage of it, saying that he couldn't resist making sure Barry failed this time, hitting him at his weakest in this timeline. Barry asks what he gets out of this. Eobard states that for his entire life he's lived in The Flash's world, taunted by Flash's existence, by what he'll never be, that once Barry's world is destroyed Eobard will be given a anti-matter earth of his own, and he will force Barry to live in Reverse Flash's world, with his failure of the loss of the entire multiverse and everyone he loves to keep him company.

      Harbinger is immensely weakened from being used to kill the Monitor, barely any power left.

      Iris comforts Barry in the midst of him feeling like Oliver's gone.

      Lois hugs E-38's Superman, in relief that he's alive. He asks where Jon is, Lois telling him she put him down for a nap.

      The earths are beginning to be destroyed at a more rapid rate.

      Harry, Jesse, Jay and Wally are in this episode. Jesse and Harry were off E-2 when it was destroyed, dealing with something else and have been trying to figure out what was happening, when they couldn't get back to E-2, going to Jay when they realized it was destroyed due to anti-matter, explaining that it was near impossible to get here due to the damage of the anti-matter effecting the multi-verse, and only with the combined powers of Jay and Jesse and the breach device were they able to. Jesse having sought Wally first.

      Shadow Creatures begin to come at STAR Labs, as Kara, Jjonn, the Supermen, Lex, Bruce, Ray, Mia and Sara try to prep a makeshift tower to protect E-1 from them, using Lex's device, with Harry's help, who tells them his intelligence has started to return. Kara telling them that Alex, Brainy and Lena are running the calculations to see if they can recreate the defense against the antimatter as well, using other means. Lex explaining that they can't. He tried. E-38 Superman telling him they'll get an opinion they can actually trust. Lex acts faux offended, telling him that if the multiverse goes, he does too, and he's not too keen on dying.

      The shadow creatures don't attack STAR Labs though, but begin going after the civilians around the STAR Labs area. E-78 Superman, calling the shots, deduces it's a distraction and he, Sara, Mia and Jjonn go to defend the civilians, leaving Kara and E-38 Superman there to defend STAR Labs.

      Jay and Jesse are dispatched to help civilians as well, as Barry, Caitlin/Killer Frost, Cisco and Ralph seek Thawne, with Wally insisting he go with them. To help, Harbinger uses some of the cosmic energy she has left to de-energize the anti-meta cells in Cisco's bloodstream, allowing to use his powers in a minimal basis, telling him it could kill him if he exerts himself. Cisco vibes, but is unable to get a clear visual, like it's being blocked. Harbinger theorizes by antimatter.

      In the Black Lightning episode the earth doesn't get destroyed. Black Lightning is still taken from there though.

      Barry has Cisco track the negative speed force signature of Thawne, in correlation to the energy signature that the Anti-Monitor used to takeover Harbinger, her with them. This leads them to the doorway Eobard opened that let the Anti-Monitor out. Barry recognizes the letters on the door. It's similar to the speedforce language, and the language written in the book of destiny. Barry remembers the Monitor telling them about how "Nash" was able to open the door that no man should know how to open, that was encoded with the language of time. Cisco tries to vibe, but it begins to hurt him, so Barry stops him, telling him that he won't let this kill him, then telling Cisco to vibe him to help him remember the full translation of the language. Cisco does it, and it's just enough to get Barry to link up with the memories. Barry begins to remember being trapped in the speedforce and the letters he wrote down. In doing this, he's able to decode the language and reopen the door, that's actually a portal. Entering it.

      The portal leads them to an energy chamber, with a machine in the middle, that's powered by a captured Earth-90 Flash! He's held in a force field of flash time running mode on some sort of treadmill, against his will. Barry enters flash time, and tries to talk with E-90 Barry, who tells him that the Monitor took and held him, but when the Anti-Monitor escaped his prison, he took E-90 Flash from his chamber and put him into this machine. E-90 Barry tells Barry that he can't stop, as he's been trapped in an infinite timeloop of running. Barry examines the machine, coming to the perception that it's converting the anti-matter energy that flows through the Anti-Monitor, from the antimatter universe into an energy pulse that's wiping the earths out. And E-90 Barry's powering it. Barry begins to think that maybe he can avoid the crisis altogether.

      As this happens, Batwoman and E-1 Bruce Wayne, along with the others, defend civilians as they're being evacuated out of the area by Atom, E-78 Superman, the CCPD and the Flashes, as Martian Manhunter phasing through things to get people out from unreachable places. Bruce and Kate question if this all matters, if they can actually stop this. Kate coming to the conclusion that she didn't think they could before, but she understands now that hope isn't something that exists in the absence tribulation, but the opposite. Bruce stating it as well, that by giving up they dishonor what it means to do this. Kate states that she's glad Bruce's here with her, as, to her surprise, she's actually missed him.

      Barry sees that the only way to get E-90 Barry out of the machine without the energy output of the machine killing E-90 Barry, off (what Cisco cuts in and calls) the cosmic treadmill and stop the pulse is by overloading it, and tries to generate enough lightning, but he's still weak from Bloodwork and using immense energy to punch the hole to grab Oliver in Part 1. Wally suggests he try. But Barry concludes that none of the speedsters could get to the limit it would require.

      Harbinger says she knows who could and transports away, getting Jefferson Pierce, AKA Black Lighting, her using some of the last bit of power she's has left. He objects, enraged, at being taken from his earth, angrily asking if his daughters, his wife, will live, and when being told that she doesn't know, he furiously tells her to save them, and when she says she only had enough power to get him. Harbinger tells him that they need his ability to exhibit immense electrical energy, telling the others the Monitor examined him because he had this ability.

      Barry pushes Jefferson to help, telling him, "The only way our daughters have a real chance at being safe is to do this". Jefferson questions him on that, "our daughters", but Barry shakes it off, correcting himself, "your daughters". Jefferson, after a moment of consideration, then agreeing.

      And with that we have the same scene of Black Lightning doing his thing, giving it his all to overload it.

      Barry makes the call on the teams actions as they do this:

      In this Cisco is able to open a breach within the force field around the cosmic treadmill.

      Caitlin Killer Frost's out and fires a freezing blast to slow down the cosmic treadmill.

      With Wally putting Ralph into flashtime, this allows him to quickly reach into the breach and grab E-90 Barry, pulling him out.

      The machine shuts down. Barry and the team celebrate and then get out of there. Not seeing the antimatter energy begin to build inside the core and glow.

      Meanwhile a battle with some of the shadow creatures. Sara and Mia are pinned down by several, when suddenly a sonic blast blindsides them them back. E-2 Laurel Lance being the source, as she steps into their view, in Black Canary garb. Sara almost reacts with happiness, before catching herself, realizing that this isn't her Laurel. E-2 Laurel extends her hand to help Sara up, a similar confusion of emotions evident. Sara bypasses the hand to stand up on her own. Mia asks what she's doing here. She responds that she was on her way already, saying that the team thought it was best to stay behind and deal with their things there, and wait for Oliver. Sara explains that he's gone. E-2 Laurel questions that. Mia dismissing it, saying that they don't know what happened to him. Sara snaps back that he's gone.

      Lex works on the machine, atop STAR Labs, connecting it to the power grid of the city, it shutting down the power within a 20 block radius.

      E-78 Superman and Martian Manhunter fly back to E-38 Superman and Supergirl, and tell them that everyone who was around STAR Labs has been evacuated. E-78 Superman suggests Jjonn go see if the CCPD need help with the citywide evacuation, as his powers could be beneficial, and they'll stay here and guard STAR Labs. E-38 Superman and Kara agree with that. Jjonn does as well.

      Barry goes to Iris and they embrace, her asking what's happening. Barry explains to her that they stopped the antimatter machine, which they both say means he won't vanish. Iris is overjoyed, but then asks why the red skies are remaining. Barry says that it must be something else. Barry's uncertain though. Iris suggests maybe the speedforce knows. Barry agrees. Iris is clearly torn. Barry asks if she's okay. Iris blows it off, saying that it's fine, it's nothing that can't wait, until after all this, now that they know he'll come back.

      E-78 Superman uses a combination of his heat vision and cold breath to incapacitate a couple dozen shadow creatures coming for STAR Labs.

      As Mia keeps an eye out, E-2 Laurel asks Sara why she snapped at her. Sara tells her that the last thing Mia needs is to have a delusion that Oliver's alive. E-2 Laurel questions trying to dismiss her hope in seeing her dad again, suggesting that THAT is the last thing she needs. Sara argues that with the losses she's suffered she's learned not to bury the situation. E-2 Laurel tells Sara that she's lost everyone from her earth, and that's shown her to not give up hope. Sara relents, saying she's sorry for that, she didn't know. Sara agrees that maybe she's right, then saying with a smirk that it sounds like something her Laurel would say. E-2 Laurel laughs that off.

      In the waverider medbay, Barry watches E-90 Barry sleep, being helped by the waverider, with Cisco, Caitlin and Ralph there. He tells Cisco to give him a brief vibe boost and he'll do the rest, to put him into a hypnotic state to link up to the speedforce, then telling them to go help the others and he'll do this.

      This happens, Barry coming face to face DCEU Barry! Same scene, but after DCEU Barry fades away, Barry finds himself caught in a crackling lighting field.

      He yells out for the speedforce to tell him him what's happening. The speedforce speaking in a distorted voice of his mom, telling him that the antimatter of crisis is damaging the dimension of the speedforce as well. Barry tells it that the antimatter has been stopped. The speedforce tells him that it can't be stopped and that the only way for Barry to prevent the destruction of the multiverse is to sacrifice himself. Barry tries to argue otherwise. But the speedforce insists. Barry asks for it's help. It replying that they've been too damaged to help. Barry drops to his knees, in emotional exhaustion, saying that he's too weak to stop it. Until he feels a hand touch his face, him looking up to see his daughter, Nora West-Allen. She tells him that the multiverse needs him to do this. Barry questions how he can if he couldn't even save her, just like he couldn't save his mom and dad, concluding that everyone he loves will die and he'll be all that's left, then beginning to breakdown. Nora says that he still has a family, people who care about him, who can help, finally telling him to, "Run Barry, run" and he's suddenly snapped out of the speedforce, back in the waverider, still an emotional wreck.

      Jefferson Pierce, Black Lightning, watching Barry, asks him if he's okay. Barry doesn't answer. Jefferson tells him that he heard him say the name Nora, as he was in that trance he was in, asking Barry if that was the name of his daughter. Barry, shocked that he knows, asks him how he does. Jefferson explains he can read the desperation and the pain on his face right now, along with his slip up earlier, concluding that she died. Barry tells him it was months ago. He says he's sorry. Barry tells him it was his fault, he pushed her away, he was too angry with her, to understand what she was feeling and that if he had maybe she wouldn't have disintegrated in his arms, finishing that maybe he deserves to die for that, to never see her again. Jefferson aggressively pushes back against that, telling him he can't imagine what he's feeling right now, and that he wouldn't know what to do with himself if he lost his girls, then snapping back that Barry still needs to step up. Barry says that he can't, he's too weak. But Jefferson's heard enough and slaps Barry, telling him that his family, everyone's family, is going to die, if this isn't stopped and they need all hands on deck for that, saying that somewhere in him, Barry knows that his powers are a gift from God, and that they're all here for this purpose, that they're chosen for it. Barry has a moment, remembering Oliver's line from the Pilot, "I don't think that bolt of lightning struck you, Barry. I think it chose you." Barry tells Jefferson that a friend told him something like that once. Jefferson states that he wasn't lying. Barry, with resolve, agrees.

      After that we learn that there are 4 earths remaining: Jay Garrick's Earth, Black Lightning's Earth, Earth 1 and Earth 97. This, of course not including the remains of Supergirl's Earth on Earth 1. There was 5 left, but that earth was just destroyed by the residual energy of the anti-matter machine. That earth being the DCEU one.

      Atom assists Harry and Lex in working out some final touches on the machine, Atom telling them that they're going to need something more powerful to get this to reach the levels necessary. Harry and Lex begin arguing about something else that's missing, almost competing to reach the solution, then concluding that they need something that can project intense sonic frequencies across distances. Atom realizes what they could do and asks, "Can we use someONE?"

      We show an establishing shot of Jesse and Jay speeding around the remainder of the city, looking for more civilians.

      Barry superspeeds up to Wally (whose using his speed powers to bring people), Cisco (whose using his breach powers so Frost and Ralph can get people from other parts of the city and bring them there, in spite of it clearly hurting him, his nose bleeding) and the others, with the CCPD, at the edge of the city, ushering people out, Joe in attendance, making the calls on where to take them, as Jjonn phases through buildings with civilians and placing them with the others.

      Barry tells them the negative speedforce tracker isn't working, suggesting it must be the antimatter getting stronger, stating that he needs to find Thawne. Cisco questions why he'd think it's the antimatter, as they stopped it. Barry tells them that they didn't and that it's somehow still going. Cisco insists that they get back to that machine and do something, figure out what's wrong. Barry states that they don't have time. Killer Frost turns back into Caitlin and she says that they can't let Barry die. Ralph states that Barry's their friend and The Flash has to live. Wally watches on contemplatively at this, then saying that the city needs the Flash.

      Barry shuts them all down, stating definitively that no, they can't put the multiverse over his life, ordering them to stay on mission and then apologizes first for it, before asking Cisco to give a quick vibe to see anything that can lead him to Thawne.

      Cisco conflict-ingly does it, seeing Thawne standing, but not seeing any defined shapes around him. Thawne then turns, looking right at Cisco, smiling, telling him hello again, and tell Barry he knows where he can find him, then stating that if Cisco joins him he'll have a place in his antimatter world. Cisco spits at him, then snapping out of the vibe, nose bleeding, and tells Barry that Thawne said he knows where he can find him. Barry realizes where he is.

      Lex, Harry and Ray link up E-2 Laurel to the machine, Sara and Mia watching on. E-2 Laurel and Sara question how this works, Lex and Harry explaining in complicated science talk, and Ray simplifying it with essentially resetting the harmonic frequency of E-2 Laurel, so that her cry lines up with the pulse.

      Mia asks if it'll hurt. Ray, Harry and Lex all exchange looks, Ray saying he thinks so, Harry being conflicted, as Lex tries to signal him to say nothing, but Harry ignores him and says it could kill her. Sara, worriedly, tells E-2 Laurel that she doesn't have to do this. E-2 Laurel, with conflict, states that yes, she does. Mia tells her that there are better ways to get revenge on the Anti-Monitor without getting herself killed. E-2 Laurel explains that that's not what this is about, saying that he destroyed her home, her family, and (looking at Sara) concludes that she won't let that happen again. Sara, eyes teary, says that she really is Laurel. E-2 Laurel, with a small smile, tells Sara that she tries.

      Barry reaches his childhood house, de-hooding, and enters, finding Eobard, not wearing his hood as well, just lounging in the living room, where his mom and dad were killed. Eobard says that it's nice to see him, stating that there's honestly no one he'd rather celebrate this day with. Barry asks him how he's keeping the antimatter going. Eobard laughs at him, gleefully explaining that he's not doing anything. The antimatter isn't coming from a machine, but from the Anti-Monitor himself and his connection with the antimatter universe, the machine essentially only being a funnel for the energy to focus it on individual universes, from outside of time, concluding with, that by Barry stopping the machine he guaranteed it to overload with the antimatter energy, imploding and taking all the remaining universes out in one fell swoop, mocking Barry with the statement of it being all because the Flash didn't wanna die. Eobard then says that that's why he wanted to experience this here, as it's only fitting to celebrate the multiverse dying for the same reasons Barry's parents did, that his daughter did, because of Barry himself. Barry's eyes ignite in his rage with yellow lightning. Eobard only smiling in return, his eyes glow red, telling him to come on Flash.

      Them both superspeeding their hoods on, Barry furiously attacks Eobard, them tearing apart the inside of the house, very similar to what happened when they fought around Nora Allen.

      Eobard speeds out of the house, leading Barry on a chase into the city, outrunning him, picking up a broken piece of rebar and slashes away at an abandoned oil tanker truck as he speeds by, and when Barry gets there, he releases a lightning snap of his finger, it erupting the oil tanker in a blaze of fire, blowing Barry back into the wall of the building across the street. Eobard quickly zooms over, placing his foot on Barry's throat, choking him, as he tells Barry to give in and let it happen. Barry states that he'll never give up, even if Eobard succeeds he'll never give up trying to stop him. Eobard simply grins sinisterly, stating that he knows, and he'll always make sure he suffers for it.

      Eobard, with readiness, states that it's time for everything to end, then superspeeding away, leaving Barry on the ground. Barry tries to get up, but is helped when E-90 Barry shows up and extends his hand. Barry asks him if he's feeling better, him replying with a thanks for saving him and that that waverider fixed him up real good.

      Reverse Flash speeds to STAR Labs, standing before the building, welcoming everyone to the celebration of his perfect victory over the Flash.

      Ray, with his comlink tells everyone that Reverse Flash is at STAR Labs.

      Jesse and Jay try to superspeed there, before their powers start to fizzle out, and they drop in agonizing pain.

      Black Lightning comes at the top of STAR Labs to help power Lex and Harry's machine.

      The Supermen and Supergirl confront Eobard. Naturally, the 2 Supermen try to talk him down, as Kara glares at Eobard. He blows them off, yelling, proudly, that he will gladly destroy every earth everywhere, if it meant the Flash suffered for it.

      Lex watching the ensuing situation from atop STAR Labs simply says that he's never related to someone more.

      The Supers step forward, stating that they will stop him, Kara's eyes beginning to glow with anger, as she tells him that he will pay for the death of the earths, her earth. Eobard mocks that. E-38 Superman tries to temper what he can see is Kara's rage beginning to boil over. But it's all for not when Eobard simply says that he'll make sure everyone they care about dies, and she blasts her heat vision at him. Eobard dodges it of course, but also opens a breach in his place that opens up in front of E-38 Superman, her heat vision going through that and blasting him back. Kara reacts quickly, in shock, regret, as she sees E-78 Superman rush to him and help him up, but then anger again, blasting Eobard with a continuous stream of heat vision, him outrunning it every step of the way, then igniting a lightning bolt and throwing it at Kara, it dropping her. Eobard cackles at their failed efforts, then saying that as fun as this is, he's got more important things to do, calling the entire army of shadow creatures to him, stating that he has a date with destiny, superspeeding away.

      E-38 and E-78 help Kara up, E-78 telling them to go after Eobard, he'll take care of the shadow creatures. E-38 Superman asks him if he's sure. E-78 Superman affirms that he is. Kara redirects her emotions, to tell E-78 Superman to be careful, who shoots back with a glint in his eye and a smirk, that he always is. They take off, leaving him in front of the horde. He readies himself intensely.

      E-38 Superman and Kara chase after Eobard. Eobard phases through a wall, forcing Kara to smash through it, but just misses him as he phases through the floor. She x-rays it, looking for him, not seeing him.

      Meanwhile Barry, E-90 Barry and Wally speed up to Jay and Jesse. Wally quickly sees Jesse and Jay clearly in weakened states and goes to check on Jesse. Barry and E-90 Barry are beginning to show similar effects, E-90 Barry barely able to stand. E-90 Barry takes a moment to reflect on Jay looking like him and that he has the same name his brother had. Barry checks on Jay and asks them all if they're okay. They all agree that something's wrong. Wally asks what's happening to them. Barry realizes the speedforce is beginning to suffer from the crisis and tells them this and that the speedforce must be beginning to drain. Barry tries figuring out what to do. Wally asks why he's not feeling it as well. Barry snaps that he doesn't know, but then apologizes, saying he needs to talk to Iris.

      Eobard grabs Kara from behind, phasing her into the floor, then getting out and laughing at her. E-38 Superman superspeeds up behind him, but Eobard reacts even faster, turning around and phasing his hand into his chest. Eobard simply says that Superman may be fast, but he's faster, before taking off. Kara breaks out of the ground and rushes to E-38 Superman, whose holding his chest in pain, spitting up blood. Kate lands next to Kara from her grappling hook and Bruce gets there on a motorcycle shortly after. Bruce quickly checks on Clark's wounds, telling him that it looks like he's beginning to heal already.

      Barry gets to Iris, whose now with Joe at the edge of the city and tells them that they have to get out. Iris refuses and Joe says that it's not like they have anywhere else to be. Barry, with all his strength, brings him and Iris into flashtime, the agony of it tearing him apart. Barry tells her that his speed is beginning to wane and he saw himself in the crisis and he doesn't have enough power left to do that, he failed the multiverse, like he failed Nora and Iris, apologizing for letting his inability to let go of his anger against Eobard consume him and get Nora killed. Iris rejects that, telling Barry that she may have been angry with him at the time but she doesn't want him blaming himself for Nora, they're not perfect and they made mistakes, but Thawne was responsible and they can't let him destroy more families. Barry agrees, but he questions how when his energy is being drained more and more. With that, Barry looks at his hands, the same ones that are bringing Iris into flashtime and realizes what he can do. He starts to leave, but Iris holds onto his hand, her eyes teary and uncertain, her other hand on her stomach. Barry realizes right away and says it, that she's pregnant. That's what she wanted to tell him before. Barry takes a moment to hold her. It's silent, mournful. Barry doesn't want to leave her anymore. But Iris tells him to go, that he has to, telling him to run. He tells her he loves her, as she does the same, and he runs, his hand slipping out of hers and taking off, leaving her there.

      E-78 Superman is barely holding the creatures back. Atom comes in to help.

      Barry, in agony, but pushing through it, speeds up to the other Flashes and tells them that they can save the multiverse, together. When they ask what that means, Barry says that if he can give others his speedforce and let them enter flashtime, they can give it to him and he may have enough power to do what needs to be done. Each one suggests they do this, but Barry tells them that they're either too weak already or inexperienced, it has to be him and they have to let it be him or risk everything they love. They all surround Barry in a circle, him in the middle and with every ounce of strength they have left, they release their energy into Barry, the lightning flowing into him...

      Eobard superspeeds onto the STAR Labs rooftop, and up to E-2 Laurel, nearly struck by Sara with her staff and Mia with her arrow, who stand in defense of her. But he catches them quickly, telling Sara that she won't stop him this time, and knocks her back with a superspeed kick, simultaneously throwing the arrow back at Mia, it hitting her in the leg, crippling her, telling them it'll be his pleasure to make them watch.

      The energy of the speedforce flows into Barry, crackling and with that Barry is at full strength again, the lightning flaring up in his eyes.

      As Eobard is about to kill E-2 Laurel...

      Barry, in complete superspeed mode, sweeps in and, with a lightning energized punch, blows Eobard off of the roof of STAR Labs.

      Lex and Harry activate the machine, and with a sonic explosion practically emanating from E-2 Laurel's whole body, the pulse echoes throughout the streets. The pulse disconnects Eobard from his control of the shadow creatures.

      Eobard is enraged at this, stating that it's impossible, he should be too weak.

      Barry simply states that he's not alone and he's done letting Thawne make him think he is.

      But then antimatter red lightning crackles in the sky, and Eobard begins to laugh, telling him that it doesn't matter anyway, he's still too late.

      Out of a blood red warped breach the Anti-Monitor walks onto the STAR Labs roof. The antimatter explosion beginning to expand from that.

      Kara lands on the roof opposite.

      E-78 Superman flies at him head first, but is grabbed, his head caved in and thrown like a ragdoll.

      Kara is horrified and goes for him, him simply blocking her attack.

      Kate and Bruce are powerless from below.

      Sara and Mia are powerless from the roof, as he walks up to E-2 Laurel and grabs her by the throat, lifting her up. Sara, in horror, begins to go for him. The Atom tries to blast him.

      Barry, in flashtime, watches, knowing there's nothing he can do to physically stop him, but in that moment, he readies himself and punches a breach through the universe. He runs and runs, faster than he ever has, opening multiple breaches into each of the remaining earths, superspeeding through them all just as fast. Eobard superspeeds up to him, blows between him and Barry ensuing. Eobard is finally able to get a hold on him, telling him that he'll die from this. Barry, in resolve, phases out of Eobard's grip, him falling through Barry and is cast out, in a yell of rage, into the remaining energy of the speedforce. Barry maintains his course, superspeeding through every earth, circling it a million times over it, all the remaining earths beginning to vibrate at another frequency, the energy of it overtaking him, as he yells out in pain, the energy emanating from his body as he begins to be consumed by it and disintegrate. The only remnants, the flash ring and the burned, scorched flash suit symbol, which fall before Iris and Joe.

      Suddenly all is still. All the destruction has stopped. The red sky of antimatter is erased.

      Wally, somehow able to use his speed, rushes up to Iris and Joe. Iris in tears, inconsolable, breaks down, to her knees, Joe trying his best to hold her, but his heartbreak showing. Kara lands in front of them, her eyes full of mourning, realizing what's happened. Wally tries to comfort both, but is unsure how, then picking up the flash ring that remains. Kara carefully walks up to Joe and Iris and kneels down before Iris, picking up the flash symbol, telling Iris how sorry she is.

      But suddenly the crisis isn't the only thing that's been stopped. Everything has, everything freezing.

      And in a flash of light, Kate, Ray, Sara, Kara, Lex, Jjonn and Wally find themselves in the vanishing point. They all wonder what's happened and how they got here.

      And are then told the answer, by Oliver, now the Spectre. He tells them that Barry burned himself alive to save the remaining universes from the Anti-Monitor, phasing them all out of his reach, where time stands still, the vanishing point, but everyone else is unable to survive here and have been put in stasis in this outer dimension. They ask why they haven't. Oliver answers that that's on him and tells them that the only way the earths can be safe is if they destroy the Anti-Monitor for good.


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        PART FOUR:

        Spectre Oliver explains to them the situation. That they have to prevent the Anti-Monitor from being created, and that will prevent all of this from happening. He tells them that Wally will take them into the past and that he will guide them to the time and place.

        Sara is skeptical. Emotionally empty and depressed, after she thinks she saw another Laurel being killed, she recalls her losses, her dad and Laurel and how she feels she's wasted her time trying to preserve the timeline, stating that it was all for nothing and that she'd betrayed them for that.

        Ray is intensely desperate to try something that will allow them to save everyone.

        Kara and Lex, shockingly on the same wavelength, are furious that they've lost, but for different reasons. Kara's pain and grief at the loss of her world/Argo, and now Barry, has manifested as rage after being utterly powerless to even protect earth 1, understanding that they'd have all been dead if not for Barry. Lex's ego wounded at the loss and his opportunity to have victory over Superman stolen from him, he wants revenge.

        Kate wants to try, but is struggling with how they'd be able to accomplish it.

        Wally insists that he's can't do this, as he's not the Flash. He states that his speedforce connection isn't even a whole one. We show that he's lost the Flash ring.

        Jjonn is struggling with survivors guilt, as, for the first time, all of his people are really gone.

        Spectre Oliver tells Wally that if he doesn't do this, everything he cares about is lost and uses his power to awaken Wally's potential and has him superspeed into the speedforce with everyone, telling them that he'll guide their journey.

        Similar to the episode, they're caught in the speedforce, now Oliver showing them pivotal moments from his life to relay a message to them.

        He shows Kate the death of Tommy, and how he tried to hide from his pain by running away, it being his first real loss in his attempt to save his city. Kate explains that she wants to have hope, but is afraid she'll fail at it, as she feels it's not in her nature. Oliver cites that it was his friends that helped him see his future as one where they could find hope.

        Sara doesn't know how to keep going through her life, with all the losses she's had, stating that she's used the legends as a way to avoid her pain, but she can't anymore. She's still filled with self loathing at how she betrayed her sister, the people she's killed, feeling that she's all alone now and seeing E2 Laurel die at the hands of the Anti-Monitor was a reminder of that. Oliver reminds her that his dad's loss isn't the only one he's suffered, and that he knows what it feels like to think that there's nothing left to fight for.

        He shows Wally the scene from the Flash Pilot, where Barry talks about he's not sure he can be like Oliver. Then shows him himself not wanting to go back to Star City after he's decided to live with Felicity. He explains that heroes aren't just unbreakable and never fail, never bend, that they're people who can think they don't have what it takes to be heroes. That's why he didn't want to leave the bubble with Felicity he'd built for himself. He tells Wally that his fear of not being good enough is something even the Flash can have. Oliver gives Wally the Flash ring. Oliver asks him if he's ever wondered why his powers maintained even after Savitar was erased, when they should've been gone along with him. Wally hasn't ever thought about it. Oliver tells him that whether he believes it or not, he has a place in God's plan.

        He shows Kara how he tried to kill Slade, because he thought he could solve his problems with letting his anger and fear drive him (showing how that only brought on more pain and suffering) and he cites Lex as what can happen when someone lets that consume them.

        His confrontation with Ray is about Ray feeling like he has a responsibility to stay on mission, even if he's found a sense of peace in his life, referencing his new relationship. Ray thinks he doesn't have the right to ever give up, and that's why he's driven by his obsession to do this now, as overcompensation for what he feels like was his failure, his complacency because he felt a calmness about his life now and he feels like if he hadn't that would've allowed them to fight against this problem more. Oliver tells him that he doesn't have to give up being a hero to have a life with someone, reminding him of the season 3 situation where Oliver himself thought all he could be was the Arrow, but he could have the rest of his life.

        Oliver relates to Jjonn about the connection to their children. Jjonn, dealing with the powerlessness of being unable to protect what was left of his people, like he was his family. Oliver explains to him that he's felt the same way, but he thanks God that he hasn't lost his children. But Oliver tells him that he still has daughters, has a family that needs him. Jjonn understands that he means Alex and Kara. Oliver tells him that they can't let them down.

        The group is all taken back into the time of the Monitor, at this time named Mar Novu. A scientist who seeks to empower himself with the energy of the temporal zone and monitor the entire timeline of the multiverse, he uses the energy of a dying sun to punch a hole through the universe to reach the temporal zone. In doing so, the energy of the dying sun will tap into the anti-matter universe, the opposite energy of everything and give Mar Novu's form to the anti-matter, essentially binding his life force to it. When this happened, it cracked that universe, breaking it apart into other factions within the multiverse.

        Our group confronts him. Kara angry, she tries to deal with the problem and attempts to force Mar Novu with violence to stop his experiment. Lex is supportive of this tactic, but without saying as much. Jjonn is concerned about Kara's aggression. And he and Kate push back against Kara's aggression. Sara is apathetic. Ray tries a different tactic, appealing to Mar Novu's of his responsibilities, but he fires back that he has responsibility to science to see how far he can go. Wally points out how insane that is, stating that his experiment will cause the destruction of the multiverse, which Mar Novu blows off as an unfounded and ridiculous fear, stating that he's gone through the calculations and is certain nothing will go wrong, even after they claim to have knowledge of the future.

        Lex decides he's had enough and activates his Lexo suit, outright threatening Mar Novu's life to stop his experiment. Mar Novu, afraid for his life, now admits that the machine has already begun and is automated. Lex examines the machine, before stating that it can't be destroyed (the resulting destruction from it would still tear a hole into the anti-matter verse).

        Sara has a conversation with Jjonn about the loss of family, him sensing her emotions, her loss, relating to his own of his people, his brother now. Here we reveal that Sara never actually slept with Oliver before the ship wreck, though she nearly did once, but Oliver was high and drunk, passing out before they could, him thinking they did, and that afterward Sara hated herself so much she let Laurel think she had and Oliver as well, also revealing that her mom didn't know she was going to be with Oliver when she left to get on the Queen's Gambit. And when Ray begins to talk to Sara about about letting those you care about drive you, Sara relates herself to Mar Novu, and is able to realize that he had a family and that the Anti-Monitor killed them (his loss driving him going after the Anti-Monitor), which she tells Mar Novu will happen, and with the drive realizing that it would cost him his family, he pushes himself harder to figure out how to deactivate the experiment, understanding that while it can't be deactivated, they can still keep it from punching the hole to the antimatter universe and forming the antimatter by somehow depleting the energy output of the energy source of the machine, which is a sun. Ray suggests minimizing the energy output by shrinking the energy output of the sun long enough for the machine's activation to complete. Mar Novu agrees that it could work.

        Mar Novu takes a moment with his family, which Kara takes in.

        They prepare, but the Anti-Monitor from the future has tracked them through the temporal zone and attacks, with his army of shadow creatures. Sara, beginning to see what she's fighting for when she sees the lives of Mar Novu's family threatened, puts herself between them and the Anti-Monitor, stating that those she loves wouldn't want her to give up, that to do that would be to fail her sister again, fail her family, and to honor them, she never will fail them, for Laurel, for her dad, she'll fight until her last breath.

        Here we learn more about the Anti-Monitor, in that he's jealous and hates that Mar Novu had a family, had a life, a universe, a multiverse, seeing him as nothing but a reflection of his futility, of a multiverse of endless possibilities, while he had none of those possibilities and so he allowed himself to become consumed by the hatred of Mar Novu and sought to destroy every ounce of him, his family, his, in his mind, futile multiverse, to instead replace it with a single, perfect antimatter universe that was all his own.

        The Anti-Monitor beats Sara, badly, nearly killing her, reminding her of how alone she is, but is stopped by Spectre Oliver, who tells him that she's far from alone.

        Spectre Oliver and the Anti-Monitor engage in battle.

        The shadow creatures attack Mar Novu, Wally, Ray, Jjonn and Kara. Wally superspeeds around them, creating a lightning blockade that barely is keeping out the shadow creatures. They begin tearing at it, slashing at Wally, who can't keep it going.

        Kate, after convincing Lex to give her the harmonic frequencies of the pulse Lex used to separate the shadow creatures from control and work out how to reverse it, she, much to Lex's anger and opposition, uses the reversed pulse to draw the shadow creatures, now, to her and away from the others.

        Ray uses his tech to shrink the energy output. Mar Novu takes on the remaining energy to close the circuit, Kara stopping him and taking it on for him, rather than let him die, telling him that he has a family to look after and to go get them out of here, to safety. The machine's energy output is minimized, the antimatter portal is never created. The mission is a success.

        The Anti-Monitor is enraged. His link to the antimatter universe is severed. He lashes it out, throwing all of his remaining anti-matter energy at Spectre Oliver, who then absorbs it, and with a simple confident smile, Spectre Oliver tells him that that's exactly what he needed, then using the energy the Anti-Monitor threw at him, Spectre Oliver creates a link between their energies, absorbing it, grabbing the Anti-Monitor's head, drawing out his energy through his eyes and mouth, filling himself with that energy, then negating it. Oliver tells Anti-Monitor, "You have failed this universe!" and then lifts up his head, releasing the negated antimatter energy up into the sky, it healing the cracks between the multiverse, reaching the remaining universes, them all coalescing together, the energy causing an explosion between himself and the Anti-Monitor.

        Jjonn Jones is the first there, taking Sara with him. He sees the badly damaged Anti-Monitor, reading his mind just before he teleports away.

        The shadow creatures having disappeared away from Kate and Lex as well.

        Kara drops to floor, unconscious from exhaustion. Ray Palmer taking off his helmet and picking her up, like Superman held Supergirl's body in the Crisis On Infinite Earths comic.

        Oliver lies on the ground, the energy beginning to consume him. Jjonn takes Sara to Oliver. Sara is there, holding his hand as Oliver tells her that it's okay. This isn't an end, but a beginning, telling her they'll see eachother again, that this is God's perfect plan and it's always been his destiny to fulfill it, as he has now been redeemed by God. The energy within Oliver consumes him entirely, him disappearing in energy dust, Sara's hand slipping through the dust. Sara cries.

        Kara awakens, going to check on Kate, then her and the others emerging to see the green energy of the Spectre filling the sky, and Oliver gone. They all look up at the sky in shock, as the energy gets brighter and brighter, then consuming them all, as we cut to...


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        • #5
          PART FIVE:

          The bright green light consumes the screen.

          Kara, Wally, Jjonn, Ray, Sara and Kate all wake up in their new earth.

          But things are different. Black Lightning's, Supergirl's, Earth 1's, Earth 3's and another earth's are now all merged into 1. Lex is the head of the DEO. All the speedsters remember everything. Cisco's powers are back, which when he touches Wally, vibes his pre-crisis memories back. The history of Earth 3 is now apart of that earth's, the Justice Society Of America having been prominent heroes, with the members of Jay Garrick Flash, Dinah Drake Black Canary (Laurel and Sara's mom), Ted Grant Wildcat, Dr. Fate, Hawkman/Hawkgirl, Alan Scott Green Lantern, and others, apart of the team in the 80's & 90's. Barry Allen's Flash has been erased, having never existed. Wally is seen as The Flash, the 2nd Flash there's ever been, after Jay Garrick. John Diggle's last name has been changed.

          Cisco misses Barry, but has become accepting of the situation after the preparations made for it and sees it as his responsibility to maintain the protection of the city. He uses his vibing to give Caitlin, Ralph and the others their memories back, but Wally stops him from giving them to Joe and Iris, saying that he doesn't want them to bear the heartbreak of losing Barry all over again.

          Iris is the head of the Central City Citizen, which Post Crisis is a prominent newspaper.

          Wally is left to ponder that the people see him as the Flash, him refusing to wear the costume, stating that he's not the Flash. Cisco tells him that the people think he is.

          Mia is angry and guilty about the loss of her dad. Diggle has guilt that he couldn't be there for him when it happened.

          Cisco picks up a reading of something coming from space, and traces it to landing outside STAR Labs, which he confronts, to find a man landing there.

          Sara and Diggle talk about Oliver's loss and she tries to assuage his guilt, stating that no matter what, Oliver wouldn't have wanted him to die fighting this threat, and that Oliver was very stubborn, which they both have a small laugh about.

          Sara comforts Mia, whose beginning to be accepting of her dad's death and that he died saving the multiverse, seeing him as a hero.

          Sara, though having wanted to continue fighting, is still depressed about the fact that so much of her family is gone and that she has almost no one in her life. Which she talks with Mia about.

          That's when they're attacked by some shadow creatures. They fight them, but are pinned down, about to be torn apart, when suddenly...

          A sonic scream emerges from the side! BLASTING THEM BACK! And from the side...

          Emerges Black Canary.

          Sara is shocked. But apprehensive... until Black Canary looks at them and acknowledges Sara as her sister with a smile and rushes to her. Sara realizing that this is E1 Laurel. Alive. Laurel helps her up and Sara touches her shoulders, almost in disbelief that this is real, tears springing to her eyes, before hugging her, crying, in tears of happiness and grief. Mia almost smiles at the moment as well. Mia realizes and says that if they attacked them, they may attack the others as well.

          They go to STAR Labs to warn them about what's happening. And are met with Cisco stating that he knows it's not over, as they've been told by someone, that someone revealing themself as the Green Lantern AKA Guy Gardner, from the Justice League Of America 1997 TV Movie, played by Matthew Settle.

          Everyone is brought together, Diggle, Kate and Mia included. Guy Gardner tells them that he was from the other earth that was merged with the others, and is questioned by Diggle in how he survived the merge with all his memories intact. He says that his ring protected him. Cisco and Guy explain that the antimatter verse portal is still open, but is slowly closing as this new timeline, of sorts, cements, and if it does, those shadow creatures will be stuck here. Cisco determines that they're gonna need to recreate the sonic pulse to try and get those shadow creatures to them, so they can somehow get them into the portal before it closes. Laurel volunteers to do it, in spite of Sara's concern. Cisco explains that because there's no way to know where they are, they're gonna need double the pulse from before to get all of them to them. Diggle suggests Dinah. Laurel questions that, but Cisco states that the Dinah Diggle is suggesting is Zinda Blake post-crisis and doesn't have a sonic cry and Laurel's mom has never had powers. Diggle realizes that he hasn't gotten all his memories straight yet. Cisco then says that there's someone else who can help them.

          We cut to E2 Laurel standing in front of Laurel. Laurel is uncertain about this. E2 Laurel maintains her memories of pre-crisis. Laurel asks how this is possible. Cisco speculates that with the merging of some universes there may be holdovers from the previous, then stating that both Laurels have the metagene for the canary cry, a now discovered gene post crisis, and, with his memories of EX Laurel, he speculates at least most, if not all the Laurels in the multiverse, have one as well. But E2's was activated by dark matter, while post crisis Laurel's was activated by a gene bomb HIVE set off in 2014, HIVE post crisis being an organization who sought to enhance humanity, using techological and biological enhancements. Laurel asks E2 Laurel if she can be trusted with her history as a villain. E2 Laurel points out that she remembers nearly dying to help and hopes that's gained something. Sara vouches for her. Laurel trusts Sara's judgement and agrees.

          The group all agree that the only reason the shadow creatures would be attacking them is based on the Anti-Monitor being alive still. They talk about how that's possible, Sara, among the Legends, suggests that as time hasn't fully cemented yet, he may not be erased, Cisco then suggesting that he also may be acting essentially as a time remnant or using something to keep himself from erasure, like tech or something. Jjonn tells them that he read the Anti-Monitor's mind before he transported himself away and he read that because his plan to cause an antimatter universe of his own in place of our multiverse has been stopped, he's willing to try and prevent the multiverse from forming at all, even if it means his own destruction. They work out how he'd do that, coming to the conclusion that he can use the temporal zone to go to the dawn of time to try and undo it at it's inception.

          As the group works out their plan, Guy Gardner uses the STAR Labs computers looks into information about his friends post crisis, from his earth, and where they are now.

          His Barry Allen is now Darryl Frye, a detective in Central City.

          B. B. Dacosta is now Green Fury, her alter ego as a pop star, Madonna-esque.

          His Ray Palmer is now Al Pratt, a respected physics college Professor, and first Atom post crisis.

          Tori Olafsdotter is now Mary Pratt, married to Al Pratt, and a reporter.

          His Martian Manhunter is unable to be located here.

          Diggle is there and tells him that he's glad his friends are okay in this earth. Guy Gardner understands that he speaks from a place of a grief at his friend having died in the crisis. Guy Gardner and Diggle bond over that, Guy telling him that now all his friends are found, that Martian Manhunter from his earth is still missing, but he has faith that he's out there somewhere and Diggle has to have faith that his friend is somewhere out there too. Diggle agrees that he does, that it's like Oliver said, it's God's plan.

          The team works out the plan.

          Before starting, Sara apologizes to Laurel for what happened on the boat. Laurel tells her that she didn't go through with it. Sara says that she would've and that kills her, for being jealous and petty like that, saying that she wanted to have what Laurel had, be her, but she was just hurting herself and her whole family, stating that she doesn't want this, hating herself, to hold her back anymore, that she wants to move forward, find God, like Oliver did. Laurel agrees.

          Kara and Kate talk, Kate telling her that she can't find Bruce and doesn't know where she is. Kara tells her that she can't give up.

          The majority of the group tracks the energy signature of the Anti-Monitor, courtesy of Cisco with combination of tech and his vibe powers, through the temporal zone in a waverider pod, as Diggle, Wally, Guy Gardner, E2 Laurel and Laurel remain on the waverider, above earth. The waverider pod containing Sara, Kara, Alex, Kate, Ray, Cisco and Jjonn.

          The 2 Laurels begin their sonic pulse. Guy Gardner explains that they're going to have to act quickly, as his ring is running out of power, and that's why he can't use it for flight while he's using it for the trapping of the shadow creatures and why he'll have to stand at the open door of the waverider as he does it. When Diggle asks if he can recharge it, Guy tells him that post crisis the ring isn't his anymore and will seek out it's true bearer when the time comes, and because of that he doesn't have access to charging it. When the shadow creatures are drawn to the waverider by the sonic pulse, Guy Gardner uses his ring to capture them, giving the go ahead to Wally to superspeed a speedforce portal into the closing antimatter portal, allowing Guy Gardner to funnel the creatures into it.

          Meanwhile the others chase after the energy signature of the Anti-Monitor in the wavrider pod, as he flies through the temporal zone. They get close to him, but, realizing they can't catch up, Cisco breaches them both into a neutral area, the vanishing point. The waverider pod crashing. When the group climbs out, they see...

          Anti-Monitor standing, unscathed, towering over them, in full comic book Crisis On Infinite Earths Anti-Monitor tech body armor.

          Cisco breaches away quickly.

          The Anti-Monitor mocks them for that and bringing him here, stating that he's been erased from existence, so the vanishing point no longer holds it's sway over containing him.

          Sara states that they didn't bring him here for that. They just didn't want anything or anyone to be in the crossfire, when they destroy him.

          They begin the battle:

          Atom blasting the Anti-Monitor, even trying to fly into his ear, shrunken, but he's slapped away.

          Jjonn flies into him, reaching into his chest by phasing, but the armor he's wearing electrocutes and burns Jjonn. The Anti-Monitor then responding by punching into his chest, him flying backward, being smashed into the ground.

          Kara and Kate double team him in an attack of distraction and offensiveness, but are blasted away by an energy beam.

          Alex begins shooting at him from behind, telling him not to touch her sister, but he, unaffected, simply redirects his beams at her, which she just barely dodges, then, on the ground, leg badly hurt, being met with another blast directly at her.

          Kara quickly superspeeds inbetween her sister and the beam, trying to hold it back with her heat vision, him walking up to her, pushing her heat vision back into her eyes, grabbing her head, placing his hand over her eyes, the heat vision burning them, BLINDING HER, her yelling out in pain.

          Back on the wavrider Diggle, flying above earth, tells those on board that it's time. The 2 Laurels are ready.

          Sara comes up behind him with a blade, but he grabs her quickly by the throat, destroying her blade, mocking her for thinking it'd work, then saying that now she's alone again. Sara smirks, saying that she's far from alone.

          Suddenly a breach opens and Brandon Routh Superman emerges, flying like a freight train into the Anti-Monitor. The Anti Monitor's grip on Sara is immediately broken, him being SMASHED into the ground.

          Cisco exits the breach right after, as Cisco as ever, exclaiming, "Was that a bird? A plane? Why, I think it was Superman!" He then asks Sara if she's okay. She says that she is, but what took him so long? He explains that they had a couple last minute additions.

          Out of the breach emerges:

          E1 Black Canary

          E2 Black Canary

          Killer Frost

          Citizen Steel


          Tyler Hoechlin Superman

          Black Lightning

          Tom Welling Superman

          Laura Vandervoort Supergirl

          Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman from the 2011 Wonder Woman TV Series Pilot.

          Justin Hartley as Aquaman from the 2006 Aquaman Pilot.

          An alive Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch Firestorm.

          And an alive Martin Stein and Jefferson Jax Firestorm.

          They all engage in battle with the Anti-Monitor. Their powers all together do some damage. Atom's blasts, the canary cries, the electric blasts, the cold blasting, the flamethrower flames, the energies of the Firestorms, the heat visions of all the Supermen doing the most damage. But he's still too powerful to defeat. Cisco tries to use his breaches to slice the Anti-Monitor apart, but his suit breaks the breaches apart when they close in on him.

          Alex crawls over to check on Kara, whose eyes seem almost seared in a way. A blast from the Anti-Monitor is about to hit them, but they're snatched up by Laura Vandervoort Supergirl. Alex sees the \S/ on her chest and acknowledges her as a Supergirl, her and Kara thanking her. Laura Vandervoort Supergirl telling Kara she'll heal, and she just needs some yellow sun radiation, then telling Kara that us Supergirls gotta look out for eachother.

          In the waverider, Guy Gardner is having a hard time containing all the shadow creatures as he funnels them into the antimatter portal. Diggle, flying the waverider with some difficulty, tells Wally that the others need help down there. Wally's uncertain he can. Diggle lays it out, telling him that it doesn't matter what he thinks, because they still need the Flash. Wally takes the Flash ring out of his pocket, pondering it. Diggle asks him if he's ready to do what it takes to save everyone. Wally, in resolve, places the ring on his finger, and extends his fist, the Flash symbol on the ring glowing in almost a lightning crackle blaze.

          In the battle, Sara tells them to try to hit the Anti-Monitor with all their powers all at once. They make an attempt, but he's too powerful for them to get at with all those hits at once. Cisco tries something, throwing his breaches around the Anti-Monitor's hands, then giving the Supermen the go ahead. The Supermen do so. Brandon Routh Superman grabbing his left arm, Tom Welling Superman grabbing his right, Tyler Hoechlin Superman grabbing his head, them all holding him in place, limiting his blastings.

          On the waverider, Guy Gardner's green lantern power ring starts to drain, just as the last batch of the shadow creatures are getting to the antimatter portal. He tells Diggle he's almost there. Diggle tells him it could kill him. Guy states that they have to make sure they're all gone now, as the antimatter portal's about to close, it taking all of his willpower to hold it. Just as the last shadow creature gets in, the portal closes, Guy's power ring runs out and he falls unconscious from exhaustion, falling out of the waverider into earth's atmosphere. The Green Lantern ring slips from his finger and flies off as he falls. But just before Guy's about to be hit with the heat of re-entry...

          Diggle swoops in with the waverider and catches him!

          The Supermen holding the Anti-Monitor gives the others the room to throw their powers (canary cries, lightning, heat vision, Wonder Woman refracting the Anti-Monitor's blasts back at him with her cuffs etc.) at him at the same time. It does more damage, but he still fights back. Tom Welling Superman stating that they can't hold him much longer. Sara asks how he's still so powerful.

          Kara, hearing this, realizes, and tells them, that he's still empowered by the energy of the sun that was used to cause him to form and it may take a similar energy to destroy him. Cisco, as he holds the breaches around Anti-Monitor, intensely struggling, his nose bleeding a lot, says that it could work. Sara states that the only way to be sure would be to drop him into it directly. Cisco says that could result in the energy of the sun blowing back and killing all of them here. Kara tells them no, then asking Cisco if he has enough power to drop her in front of the sun. Cisco begrudgingly says yes, understanding her goal. Kara stands up, her eyes still seared, telling him to do so on her go ahead. Alex asks Kara what she's doing. She tells Alex that Nazi Supergirl could absorb enough of the energy of a sun to explode, and that if she gets enough, she could destroy him. Alex asserts that Nazi Supergirl died from it. Kara acknowledges that. Alex telling her no, she won't accept that. Kara hugs Alex tightly, telling her that she can't lose her home again and quickly pushes Alex away from her, telling her that she loves her and tell Lena she's sorry, then telling Cisco "now", the breach opening around Kara, taking her and closing just as quickly before Alex can stop it.

          Tyler Hoechlin Superman asks what's happening.

          Kara floats before the energy of the yellow sun of earth, it energizing her, the energy flowing to and healing her eyes, her opening them, with the energy of the yellow sun making them glow.

          At Kara's request, Cisco breaches her back into the battle.

          Kara hovers over the battle, telling the Supermen to get away from the Anti-Monitor. Tyler Hoechlin Superman, realizing himself what's happening, tells her no, that he can't let her die, there has to be another way. The other Supermen agree. Kara states that he has a son to take care of, all of the Supermen do, it has to be her, that protecting him was her job in the first place. Tyler Hoechlin Superman continues to reject that.

          But in a flash of lightning, all the Supermen are pulled away from the Anti-Monitor, and Wally stands before them, in the full Flash costume.

          The Flash lives again, as Wally circles the Anti-Monitor at superspeed, throwing lightning at him multiple times, this keeping him in place, Wonder Woman catching on and lassoing the Anti-Monitor and Laura Vandervoort Supergirl using her heat vision on him, to keep him from fighting back.

          Allowing Kara to enact her plan. She says to Tyler Hoechlin Superman, "I love you, Kal-El." and flies towards the Anti-Monitor, her heat vision BLAZING with the fire of the sun, searing into him, it burning through his armor, burning him from the inside out, FLAMES igniting from the eyes of his suit! This use of her powers causing her eyes to crack with yellow sun energy bleeding out, the cracks spreading more and more. Wonder Woman pulling her lasso off at the last minute, he Anti-Monitor, enraged, yells out, "NO!" And Kara collides with him, the force of it IMPLODING THEM IN A FLASH OF LIGHT!

          Leaving nothing but a crater. Alex and Tyler Hoechlin Superman rushing there, seeing only Kara's torn cape, them both breaking down, almost leaning on eachother, Alex devastated, inconsolable. The other Supermen, and Laura Vandervoort Supergirl stand silently in mourning, placing their hands on their shoulders in an attempt at comfort, Tom Welling Superman and Laura Vandervoort Supergirl hugging as well. Everyone else surrounding them, in silence.

          The President gives a speech, honoring the sacrifices of Supergirl and the Green Arrow with a statue of an \S/ in National City and one of Green Arrow being built in Starling City.

          Diggle visits Guy Gardner in the hospital who tells Diggle that his time is over and now it's his turn. We confirm that Diggle, now having gained full memory of both earths, in this post-crisis, his name is John Stewart.

          Caitlin and Ronnie reunite officially, embracing, Caitlin and Killer Frost overjoyed to tears to see him, holding eachother and mourning Barry.

          Ronnie, Caitlin, Cisco, reunite as a group.

          Martin Stein reunites with Ronnie and Jax, Jax and Ronnie both meeting for the first time, Ronnie thanking Jax for looking after the old man.

          Sara, Ray and Nate reunite with Martin and Jax, a tearful reunion.

          Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman and Justin Hartley Aquaman both affirm that they are both from the same universe as the Justice League Of America TV Pilot Earth. And affirming that their societies are built with advanced technology, and that all versions of their societies are.

          The team honors the Flash silently with a Flash symbol built in the Hall Of Justice and empty seats for Barry, Oliver, Kara, even Bruce at the new table, in the Hall Of Justice.

          In the montage of showing the earths with show the same things, but now with inclusions of:

          Martin Stein returning to his family, who tearfully embrace them.

          The Birds Of Prey TV Series Earth, showing that team now working with Kevin Conroy Batman, who has a renewed pursuit of heroism.

          Tom Welling Superman with Lois, watching their kids, before he gets an alert on a fire in Metropolis, with Lois being proud of him.

          Justice League Of America TV Movie Martian Manhunter alive, leading martians on Mars.

          Earth 1 Bruce, alive, stranded on another earth, but on the search for a way back.

          Gotham TV Series Bruce as Batman in his earth.

          Some quick flashes with the Batman 89 earth and Batman 66 earth (which also shows George Reeves Superman and Linda Carter Wonder Woman). And the old Superman and Batman serials.

          On a re-established Earth 90, E-90 Flash speeds through the city, before getting a message from Christina McGee of a bank robbery by Trickster, E-90 Flash smirking and then speeding off to it.

          On earth prime, something falling to earth in front of Diggle, but stopping just short of hitting the ground and it redirecting and pointing right at him. It emanating a green light reflecting on his face.

          Ending still on the Superman The Movie nod of Brandon Routh Superman flying, his symbol back to yellow and red.

          THE END.

          I thank God for these ideas, if He wills, that He blessed me with.

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