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flash always confuse me..

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  • flash always confuse me..

    flash is too fast, even he could catch a bullet as we have seen in third episode of 2nd season when snart father try to shoot barry he catch grab bullet easily in slow motion..

    i just wanna ask
    why then he could not defend himself from snart frozen gun in slow motion?
    why he can't see the punch coming from any villain?
    there are many other things you can notice..

    according to me if he as the ability to watch things in very slow motion. then he can fight with any one any time.
    so i am confused.. are u?

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    Unfortunately, in order for stories to work, you need to have the hero get beat up once in a while. The hero lands a few punches, the villian lands a few punches. If Barry dodged every blow every time, no one would be interested in watching.

    With the Snart's freeze gun you mentioned, I'm assuming your refering to a scene in the same episode you mentioned before. I will assume that you are thinking the scene when Barry is asking Snart if he's in any trouble, since Linda thinks he is. Snart's father walks up on him, at which point Captian Cold immedietly freezes Barry. That happened at an extremely close range, and Barry was distracted by Snart's father at the time.

    Also, when Captian Cold was introduced, it was established that the Cold Gun could significantly slow Barry down.

    When discussing seeing punches from any villian in slow motion, that again goes back to my first paragraph. It's inconsistant, I know, and it doesn't make sense, but it's nessisary to have a storyline.


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      There is also the fact Barry isn't constantly in an "ON" state. Speedsters can ramp up and down their speed. Barry isn't constantly viewing the world as a near still frame. As he starts speeding up, his perception of time slows down to match. Otherwise, his life would probably be intolerable. This was explored a little in the Kingdom Come comic, and moreso in the noverlization, where Wally West has become so fast, he is stuck in a hyper accelerated state, and as such, hasn't even been able to talk to another person for years, and lives a lonely life of running from emergency to emergency. His city became almost a utopia, because anything that went wrong was often corrected before people knew of the emerging situation.