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  1. Sorry if I can't make any coherent comment now lol Thank you Rose!!!! this def made my day SOOOOOO HOT! *keeps up staring and drooling*
  2. You need some love too

  3. Don't worry lol I let that for now because I'm working on the Fringe mood theme (yay!) and I don't really need the layer masks. I'll check that out later. Thanks though!
  4. Oh man Sorry I took forever to respond Im not really familiar with layer masks unfortunately The only thing I can think of is maybe you can reset your tools?
  5. Hey Rose Sorry to bother you but I got a question about Photoshop. Well, the thing is that when I add a layer mask to a pic and then I want to work over that layer mask , nothing happens. Like when I try to erase, paint , cut whatever Do you have idea of what could be wrong? it was working fine but now I have to do it all OVER the pic.
    hope I'm explaining myself
  6. Hey Rose I just want to say wow 30,000 posts!!! Great number
  7. Thanks Rose! Hope that you're having a great time as well *hug*
  8. Happy Valentines day Izebel!

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