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  1. Hey! Ur fanfic is great! Thanks!
  2. I just wanted to let you know I posted a new chapter of my fanfic. Feel free to get to it whenever you have time.
  3. OooH! i'm gonna read it tonight! thanks for the PM!
  4. I'm going to try to post the next chapter today.
  5. Yes....Luckily i have some fanfic to read to pass the time! When's ur new chapter coming out?
  6. I agree! The Clois scenes were amazing. I'm so excited, but it's too bad we have to wait so long before the next new episode.
  7. OMG! clois scenes in pandora...AMAZING! what did u think of them?
  8. Sure, I'll let you know when I post the next chapter. I did watch the preview, and it looks amazing! It looks like it might just be one of the best episodes of the season.
  9. Ok, well keep me posted!
    I'm totally looking forward to pandora.....two days!
    did u see the sneak peek preview on youtube? I nearly fell out of my seat watching it! AMAZING!
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it. TH and ED are my two favorite versions of Lois Lane. I actually watched all the episodes of L&C in order to prepare for writing the fanfic. The next chapter will (hopefully) be posted soon.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to Friday's Smallville so much. I'm hoping for a lot of Clois.
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