On KryptonSite we have now posted Part 1 of an interview with Annette O’Toole and Michael McKean about the new episode of Smallville airing on Friday night, May 7. The episode brings both actors back to the series as their characters of Martha Kent and Perry White, respectively. Read... Read more
Interview by Craig Byrne David H. Lawrence XVII, known to the fans of Heroes as “Eric Doyle, the Puppet Master,” is also known to fandom for many other roles in addition to a large resume of voice work. In the movie Pizza Man, Lawrence plays Detective Moser, who is... Read more
Interview by Craig Byrne Diamond Dallas Page has is a well-known champion of the wrestling world and now he’s playing the Big Cheese, Kryder, the scariest villain that Pizza Man (Frankie Muniz) will face. Dallas Page spoke with KSiteTV about this very big role and what we can expect... Read more
Interview by Craig Byrne Today’s installment of “Pizza Man Week” at KSiteTV brings us to Noah Gray-Cabey and Leonard Roberts, who played the father-and-son duo of Micah and D.L. on NBC’s Heroes Season 1. Both actors appear together in what will surely make for one of the most memorable... Read more
Interview by Craig Byrne “Pizza Man”‘s script is written by the talented Marco Mannone. In addition to his writing as a screenwriter and a journalist, you might even recognize from the web series The Vampire Killers which he also did some writing for. He has a lot of stories... Read more
Interview by Craig Byrne An important player making sure “Pizza Man” delivers is director Joe Eckardt. The director, whose past credits include “Shock” and “Black River,” has been helming the film for the past weeks in the Los Angeles area, and now he’s taken the time to talk to... Read more
Interview by Craig Byrne The movie “Pizza Man” is currently shooting now to be delivered to a theater near you sometime in the future, and one of the highlights of the film is the return of actor Frankie Muniz (Malcolm in the Middle, Agent Cody Banks) to the acting... Read more
The two-hour Smallville event Absolute Justice airs on Friday night, and to prepare viewers for the big night, the writer of the story, Geoff Johns, has participated in an interview with our Smallville website, KryptonSite.com. Give it a read – Spoiler Warning! Read more
V premieres on ABC on November 3, and to promote the big premiere, the KryptonSite Network’s VisitorSite.net conducted an interview with Laura Vandervoort, who talks about her role of “Lisa” on V, the possibility of a Smallville return, and more. Read the interview at VisitorSite.net! Read more