UPDATED: Young Justice Invasion #2.3 “Alienated” Images & Description UPDATED: Young Justice Invasion #2.3 “Alienated” Images & Description
Spoilers and images from the Young Justice Invasion episode Alienated UPDATED: Young Justice Invasion #2.3 “Alienated” Images & Description

A new episode of the Cartoon Network’s Young Justice: Invasion airs on Saturday morning, May 12.

The episode is called “Alienated,” and the Cartoon Network has released images and a description with spoilers. Here’s the description:

The Team and the Justice League continue to hunt the Kroloteans that have invaded earth – but the aliens have help from an extremely unexpected source…

And here are some images that have been released. Be sure to come by KSiteTV’s Young Justice forum to talk about the show!

UPDATE: The images that we received and posted yesterday, featuring the return of Roy Harper (Red Arrow), are actually from NEXT week’s show, which is called “Salvage.” You can still find those images at the bottom of this page. But first, here are the images from “Alienated,” which match the title and description a bit more:


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