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New Wonder Woman TV Details From Entertainment Weekly

Wonder Woman starsThe Oct. 15, 2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, now hitting newsstands, has a 3/4 page feature on the possibility of Wonder Woman returning to television.

The piece by Lynette Rice and Nicole Sperling says that David E. Kelley is penning a “spec script” – wording that sounds more like a proposal than an actual solid deal. The article says that Kelley is “expected to incorporate the superhero’s signature lasso, cuffs, and airplane in a script that will be a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character.”

Wonder Woman will then be shopped to various networks, though EW’s writers seem to think it would be a “perfect fit” for The CW.

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  1. Drop the invisible jet and we might have a winner. I know they want to save on money and all but apparently they haven’t heard that Wonder Woman can fly all on her lonesome in the comics now.

  2. i was actually thinking if this Wonder Woman reboot actually comes true, the CW or SyFy channel would be my top choices for it.

  3. I suppose that the operative word in this case is ‘speculative’. The same kind of rumours built up with Justice League Mortal and Megan Gale. Believe it when you see it and not a moment before.

  4. What Wonder Woman reboot? There never has been a Wonder Woman movie to reboot. Yes after all this time there has yet to be a WW film adaption.

    A TV show series is the best way to go. It would do great on the CW.

  5. How if Nina Dobrev plays this character? She already has a black hair, but probably too skinny now. Is there something possible for actor who has been playing one main character on a TV Series, get role as main character on other TV Series?

  6. T____T NOOOOOOO NOT THE INVISIBLE PLANE!!!!!!!!! Wonder woman is awesome when she can fly the plane is the epitome of campy

  7. I think that Traci Dinwiddie

  8. I think that Traci Dinwiddie, who was pamela on supernatural would be a great wonder woman.