Will Photos and Preview: “Your Houses” Will Photos and Preview: “Your Houses”
On the next episode of Will, Marlowe's inability to write leads him down a self-destructive path, while Richard discovers what he believes in. Will Photos and Preview: “Your Houses”

Prior to the loss of his love, Marlowe could mask his writer’s block through his massive professional reputation and love of all things debaucherous. He could frame his exploits through the city as looking for inspiration for his next play, or defuse any pressure put on him utilizing his wit and savvy, but away from the public eye, he was torn apart by the absence of the creative deities in his life. Marlowe couldn’t coast on his past successes forever and once a younger, more handsome, more talented version of himself hit the ever-expanding London scene, the party was going to end and he would be left with nothing. Now that he’s alone and there’s no sign of his inability to write ceasing, though, could Marlowe be giving up?

On the next episode of Will, Marlowe’s frustration and sadness at his lack of creative inspiration turn outward in the form of a self-destructive path for him to walk. Granted, he’s farther along that he’s been in a long time after coming up with the idea for Doctor Faustus, but it’s one thing to have an idea and it’s a whole other ballgame fleshing said idea out, especially since there’s no indication that the people of London will want to watch something so downbeat from their resident party boy. The pressure of living up to his legacy is at the root of Marlowe’s dry creative well and grappling with significant loss, loss that came on the heels of worry about him falling too deeply into his public persona, only compounds this hopelessness that’s caused him to spiral. For a man who’s tried selling his soul in order to make the words flow from his pen, is there any way that he can pull himself out of this abyss and live a life of meaning?

Elsewhere on Will, a plague quickly blazes its way through the streets of London, while an aimless, shallow Richard finally discovers something to believe in.

Will airs Mondays at 11:00 on TNT.

Is Marlowe’s writer’s block just a creative issue or might it be related to him becoming lost in his persona? Could the existence of the plague prove costly to the theater? What will give Richard the motivation to finally grow up?


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