What’s On TV Tonight – Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017 What’s On TV Tonight – Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017
TV tonight includes the two-episode finales of The Shannara Chronicles and Stan Against Evil, as well as new episodes of SEAL Team and The... What’s On TV Tonight – Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017


9:00 SEAL Team (CBS) – “The Exchange”
Jason and the SEAL Team have mixed feelings when they are tasked with bringing home an American soldier who was captured after deserting, in exchange for detainees in Gitmo.

9:00 The Shannara Chronicles (Spike) – “Wilderun”Sneak Peeks
Eretria confesses a dark secret to Wil and Bandon’s deepest wish is granted, but with a catch.

10:00 The A Word (SundanceTV) – “Are We Still Here?”
Maurice and Louise clash; Paul makes an unexpected connection with Sophie.

10:00 Criminal Minds (CBS) – “Neon Terror”
When an UnSub in Miami sensationalizes his crimes by giving the local media exclusive footage, the BAU is called in to investigate.

10:00 Mr. Robot (USA) – “Eps3.6_Fredrick+Tanya.Chk”
Mr. Robot wants answers; the FBI closes in; and Angela hits rewind.

10:00 The Shannara Chronicles (Spike) – “Blood”
Season finale. In the final showdown, Wil must save the Four Lands. Later: Wil, Mareth and Eretria grapple with the loss of one of their own.

10:00 Stan Against Evil (IFC) – “Mirror Mirror”
Stan summons a spirit to help him travel back in time to save Claire. In the process, an evil replica is created who thinks only of murder. Real Stan must commit an unthinkable crime to complete his time travel mission.

10:30 Stan Against Evil (IFC) – “A Hard Day’s Night”
Season finale. Stan travels back in time to save Claire. He succeeds, but dies in the process, forcing Evie to go back and save him. Leon loses his head over a new gal.


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