What’s On TV Tonight – Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 What’s On TV Tonight – Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
TV tonight includes the fall finales of The Middle, Fresh Off the Boat, Lethal Weapon, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. What’s On TV Tonight – Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


8:00 Lethal Weapon (FOX) – “Wreck the Halls”
Fall finale. It’s Christmas time and the Murtaugh family is headed to Hawaii. However, Murtaugh’s vacation is put on hold when he and Riggs are called to a homicide and the victim is an old friend. Meanwhile, Riggs gets a surprise phone call from a relative just in time for Christmas.

8:00 The Middle (ABC) – “The Christmas Miracle”
Fall finale. It’s Christmastime, and Frankie and Sue are devastated after Axl informs them that he’s not going to church this year because he’s beginning to question his faith. Meanwhile, Mike goes to war with the Glossner kids after they keep defacing his new, giant inflatable snowman; and Brick goes all out in an attempt to wrap his first present for a planned Christmas Yankee Swap.

8:00 NCIS (CBS) – “Double Down”
As Torres and Sloane run protection detail for U.S. Senator John Phillips in Afghanistan for the holidays, they must urgently return to the states after hearing the senator’s son is in the ICU. Also, Gibbs and the team investigate the altercation that caused the life threatening injuries to the senator’s son.

8:30 Fresh Off the Boat (ABC) – “Do You Hear What I Hear?”
Fall finale. As head of the HOA Christmas committee, Jessica threatens to cut the neighborhood caroling this year due to last year’s rocky performance. However, Deirdre says that her friend Holly (Paula Abdul), who teaches “Performance and Movement,” will help get everyone into tip-top, melodic shape. Meanwhile, Marvin becomes suspicious of Honey when she goes to see “Titanic” at the movies without him; Nicole develops her first girl crush and struggles with how to get her attention.

9:00 Black-ish (ABC) – “Sugar Daddy”
Fall finale. Dre is diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and after talking to Pops, he’s resolved to curing himself. Things come to a head at the Stevens & Lido holiday party. Meanwhile, Jack is convinced that baby Devante hates him, so he enlists Junior and Diane’s help.

9:00 Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX) – “Game Night/The Favor”
One-hour fall finale. Rosa begs Jake to help her break some big news to her parents, but her plan is thrown off when they wrongly assume the two are dating. Then, when Seamus Murphy returns to redeem the favor Holt owes him, the precinct searches for a loophole that will allow Holt to uphold his end of the bargain without breaking the law.

9:00 Bull (CBS) – “Home for the Holidays”
As Christmas approaches, Bull is amused when he meets a 9-year-old girl who wants to hire him to help her divorce her parents, but he’s shocked when a judge appoints him her temporary guardian. Also, Marissa discovers disturbing information about her boyfriend, Kyle.

9:00 Major Crimes (TNT) – “Conspiracy Theory: Part 2”
As the squad investigates the mysterious death of a second woman related to the Tackles case, and a new theory materializes, Sharon faces a health setback. Meanwhile, Gus reacts unexpectedly to Rusty’s partial solution to their ongoing relationship problems.

9:30 The Mayor (ABC) – “Grey Christmas”
Fall finale. After visiting a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve, Courtney realizes things for the needy could be improved and pledges to make it a joyous Christmas that every family deserves. But when he learns he doesn’t have the budget to deliver on his promise, Courtney loses hope and his holiday spirit which leads to a magical “It’s A Wonderful Life” moment that makes him realize he has the gift needed to pull off a Christmas miracle.

10:00 Chicago Med (NBC) – “Naughty or Nice”
Fall finale. Dr. Charles learns a troubling fact about the man who shot him. Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker come to an agreement during a complicated surgery. Will and Natalie are trapped by legal ethics when an unfaithful husband refuses to tell his wife about his inconclusive Zika test. Meanwhile, April and Noah discover working together isn’t always easy while Goodwin continues to argue with the board over hospital costs after an avoidable patient death.

10:00 Hit the Road (Audience) – “Kush”
After lying to the kids about the existence of a band manager named Robert Kushman, Ken is forced to hire an actor to play the part. “Kushman” takes his job quite seriously, causing complications for Ken.

10:00 Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC) – “Probably”
Fall finale. Convinced that the universe is leading the way, a very confident Kevin heads to Laos with Tyler in search of the first righteous soul. Meanwhile, Yvette has her doubts about their mission and has a chance encounter with Tyler that changes both of their outlooks. Back in Texas, Amy goes all out decorating for Christmas and decides whether or not she’s truly ready to date again.

10:00 The Long Road Home (NGC) – “Abandon Hope”
Bourquin struggles to signal the rescuers, who still can’t find them in the Sadr City maze.

10:00 NCIS: New Orleans (CBS) – “Mirror, Mirror”
After Rita Deveraux tells Pride that Douglas Hamilton is about to make a deal to get out of prison, Pride and the team rehash the Clearwater case in hopes of locating his mystery partner and spoiling his bargaining chip.

10:00 Teachers (TV Land) – “Let It Flow”
Ms. Cannon discovers that one of her students is an artistic prodigy. Mrs. Adler and Ms. Watson take the mini-society competition to a new level.

10:30 At Home with Amy Sedaris (truTV) – “Making Love”Preview
Get out your art supplies, because tonight Amy dedicates her entire show to the difficult craft of love-making. Amy looks to the Lady in the Woods for a tutorial on natural musk. She also reaches into the mail sack to offer viewer advice, and then shares tales of romance courtesy of Patty Hogg. Finally, Amy takes us through the craft step by step with the guidance of Barry Teaberry, Community College Professor of human sexuality. 

10:30 Loudermilk (Audience) – “Highway 10 Revisited”
Loudermilk, Ben, and Claire hit the road for New Orleans with the intention of crashing a wedding. Left to their own devices, the group goes off the rails.


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