What’s On TV Tonight – Thursday, December 21st, 2017 What’s On TV Tonight – Thursday, December 21st, 2017
TV tonight includes the fall finales of Young Sheldon, Mom, Life in Pieces, and SWAT, as well as new episodes of Damnation and Van... What’s On TV Tonight – Thursday, December 21st, 2017


8:00 Bunsen is a Beast! (Nicktoons) – “Adventures in Beastysitting; Wilda Beast”
Mikey and Bunsen have to deliver a beast baby after accidentally switching packages at the monstork factory; Bunsen’s cousin Wilda comes to town and develops a crush on Mikey, which terrifies him and makes Amanda jealous.

8:00 Great News (NBC) – “A Christmas Carol Wendelson”
Carol finds herself in a reverse “Christmas Carol” during which she learns that she has too much Christmas spirit and is driving everyone around her insane. Meanwhile, Chuck’s estranged son, Petey, visits the office and Katie, who has been charged with babysitting him, tries to get the father and son to reconnect.

8:30 Great News (NBC) – “Sensitivity Training”
Carol and Chuck don’t think they should have to attend Sensitivity Training and decide to teach the rest of the “snowflakes in the office” a lesson. Katie is excited about her new boyfriend, Jeremy, but Portia suspects Katie might just be a sidepiece.

8:30 Harvey Beaks (Nicktoons) – “Later Dingus; Hair to Help”
Fee learns how to say goodbye after a longtime friend passes away; Piri and Harvey try to help Tara after she loses her creative inspiration for hairstyling.

8:30 Young Sheldon (CBS) – “Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia”
Fall finale. George Sr. strikes a deal with Sheldon to tutor Georgie when poor grades threaten to keep him from playing football.

9:00 Van Helsing (Syfy) – “Be True”Renewed
Sam and Mohamad’s shared past comes back to haunt them in more ways than one; at a secluded campsite in the woods, friendships are put through a baptism by fire.

9:00 Mom (CBS) – “An Epi-Pen and a Security Cat”
Fall finale. After their home is robbed at Christmastime, Christy and Bonnie’s hunt for the thief leads them to an unlikely door.

9:30 Life in Pieces (CBS) – “The Twelve Shorts of Christmas”
Fall finale. The holiday spirit is alive, well and wildly different for each member of the Short family.

10:00 Damnation (USA) – “In Wyoming Fashion”
With banker Calvin Rumple run out of town, the local bank presents an unexpected opportunity for Seth and Lew.

10:00 Ghost Wars (Syfy) – “The Feast”
Landis and Jimmy try to make sense of the museum artifact; Karla is with ghost-child and it’s growing fast; Abigail’s physical condition deteriorates, prompting Marilyn to finally realize that whatever is inside her daughter isn’t normal.

10:00 S.W.A.T. (CBS) – “Miracle”
Fall finale. Hondo and the SWAT team are forced to work over their Christmas vacation when a drug cartel is out for blood after their cache of gold bars is stolen. Also, Jessica draws the attention of Michael Plank, president of the Police Commission, when she approaches him with her ideas on how to improve the SWAT division.

11:00 Superstition (Syfy) – “You’re Not My Momma”
Calvin and the gang take on a demonic doll intent on finding justice for her recently deceased surrogate mom; Isaac strikes an unlikely truce with Mayor Bickley.

11:30 The Comedy Get Down (BET) – “LA Story, Part 2”
In 110 they try to make things right but Kareem is nowhere to be found. Ultimately, Kareem gets the last laugh when he uses his connections at the Forum against the guys.


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