What’s On TV Tonight – Monday, October 30th, 2017 What’s On TV Tonight – Monday, October 30th, 2017
TV tonight includes the premiere of Superior Donuts, as well as new episodes of The Good Doctor, Family Time, Lucifer, Scorpion, and The Gifted. What’s On TV Tonight – Monday, October 30th, 2017


8:00 Kevin Can Wait (CBS) – “The Owl”
Kevin and Chale set out on a road trip to retrieve an owl-shaped cookie jar that Kevin sold before realizing how much it meant to Kendra. Also, after Vanessa rejects Kyle’s attempt to woo her, she and Kendra help get him back on the dating scene.

8:00 Lucifer (FOX) – “Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards”
When a food chemist is found dead, Lucifer and Chloe’s investigation pits them against an unexpected face – criminal defense attorney Charlotte Richards. Everyone is caught off guard when they see her back in the precinct. As Lucifer tries to understand her return, he makes a shocking discovery that helps solve the case.

8:00 Supergirl (The CW) – “The Faithful”Photos
Kara investigates a secretive new group whose leader, Thomas Coville, has a mysterious connection to Supergirl. Meanwhile, Samantha feels like she’s letting Ruby down, and J’onn confesses an old secret.

8:30 9JKL (CBS) – “The Key to Life”
After Josh changes the locks to his apartment and refuses to give Judy a spare key, he is caught in a bind when he locks himself out. Also, Eve tries to avoid being cropped out of the family holiday card.

9:00 Family Time (Bounce TV) – “Halloween Time”
Lisa puts a halt on Halloween while she solves the mystery of her broken clock.

9:00 The Gifted (FOX) – “boXed in”Photos
Motivated by a tragic event from his past, Jace throws all the power of the Sentinel Services into finding the Mutant Underground Way Station. Meanwhile, Blink’s vivid dreams lead her to confront Dreamer.

9:00 Superior Donuts (CBS) – “What the Truck?”
Season premiere. Arthur’s business is threatened when Sofia, an ambitious young entrepreneur, parks her organic food truck in front of the donut shop, becoming a hit with his customers and catching Franco’s eye. Also, Franco grows frustrated trying to follow his dream of going to college.

9:00 Valor (The CW) – “Zero Visibility”
While the Shadow Raiders prepare for the next step in their mission, Nora struggles to get her demons under control. CIA Officer Thea becomes increasingly more involved with the mission, creating even more tension in the group. Meanwhile, Gallo realizes that his relationship with Anna might be putting her in jeopardy.

9:30 Grown Folks (Bounce TV) – “Take ’em to Church”
Jillian invites the pastor over for dinner. Gary immediately becomes territorial when he discovers that the pastor is a handsome catch with an eye for Jillian.

9:30 Me, Myself & I (CBS) – “New Job”
Mid-life Alex contemplates accepting a new job offer and leaving his partnership with Darryl. Also, Young Alex works with Young Darryl on an invention for his school’s Invention Convention, and Older Alex meets Eleanor’s fiancé, a contractor helping to fix his roof.

10:00 The Halcyon (Ovation) – “Episode 5”
Garland visits the East End and is seemingly recognized by a man who calls him Sam. Emma is put to test by a society wedding when Lady Hamilton’s friends, the Ashworths, use the hotel for their grand reception. Lady Hamilton is torn between her attraction for Lucian and the gossip it is generating.

10:00 Scorpion (CBS) – “Queen Scary”
At Halloween, Team Scorpion takes on a case to prove the existence of ghosts on the Queen Mary but find an all-too-real disaster when they locate a “ghost ship” on a deadly collision course. Also, Walter considers taking note of Paige’s interests to benefit their relationship.

10:00 The Brave (NBC) – “The Seville Defection”
When the team is on the ground in Spain, McG makes a connection that leads the group to discover a potential threat stateside. Meanwhile, Noah and Hannah venture out of the office to get some intel of their own.

10:00 The Good Doctor (ABC) – “Not Fake”
Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Claire Browne devise an experimental procedure that can save the leg and life of a young groom, that is if his bride-to-be and parents can learn to work together. Meanwhile, Jared struggles to emotionally connect with his patient whose scars may prove too deep to overcome.


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