What’s On TV Tonight – Monday, December 18th, 2017 What’s On TV Tonight – Monday, December 18th, 2017
TV tonight includes the fall finales of Kevin Can Wait, Man with a Plan, Superior Donuts, 9JKL, and Scorpion, as well as the premiere... What’s On TV Tonight – Monday, December 18th, 2017


8:00 Bunsen is a Beast! (Nicktoons) – “Bunsen Saves Christmas”
Bunsen becomes excited about celebrating his first Christmas; when Amanda finds out she’s on the naughty list, she stuffs Santa in a gift box and hijacks all the toys.

8:00 Kevin Can Wait (CBS) – “The Might’ve Before Christmas”
Fall finale. While Vanessa and the Gable family gather around the Christmas tree, Vanessa and Kevin reminisce about their first patrol together.

8:30 Harvey Beaks (Nicktoons) – “Hug Life; On the Fence”
Harvey has to prove he’s tough to join Blister’s greaser gang; Harvey finds an innocent project that could bring the community together, which, of course, does the exact opposite.

8:30 Man with a Plan (CBS) – “Adam Gets Neighborly”
Fall finale. Adam and Andi try to get back in their neighbors’ good graces after no one shows up to their potluck.

9:00 Family Time (Bounce TV) – “College Bound”
Devin gets into college but doesn’t want to go. Lisa’s friend comes for a visit.

9:00 Superior Donuts (CBS) – “Electile Dysfunction”
Fall finale. When Arthur suddenly decides to run against Fawz in a local election, his campaign manager, Franco, tries to help his boss bring home a win. Also, Tush and Randy realize they crossed paths long before the donut shop, and the encounter was hardly sweet.

9:30 9JKL (CBS) – “It Happened One Night”
Fall finale. Josh and Nick coach their friend Luke on how to amicably break up with his girlfriend, Sydney, so that it won’t jeopardize Josh’s spot in her coveted spin class. Also, Judy and Harry invite their rivals, Dick and Lenore Stevenson, over to play bridge, and Andrew and Eve celebrate their anniversary with their own gift-giving tradition.

9:30 Family Time (Bounce TV) – “Secret Stallworth”
Season finale. Finding the perfect Secret Santa gift proves harder than either Tony or Lisa expected.

10:00 Grown Folks (Bounce TV) – “Love Has No Boundaries”
Gary’s niece brings her new boyfriend, Patrick, to town, but Gary finds out that not everything is as it seems.

10:00 Gunpowder (HBO) – “Episode #1”
Series premiere. England, 1603: After the death of Elizabeth I, English Catholics are persecuted and mass is forbidden under the rule of King James I. In Warwickshire, a small, secret ceremony is interrupted by the King’s men, who are searching for a young Jesuit priest. When the priest and the lady of the house, Dorothy Dibdale, are captured and gruesomely executed, a young nobleman, Robert Catesby, resolves to avenge his kin and defend his faith by any means necessary. Meanwhile, in London, Secretary of State Lord Robert Cecil advises the King to bring down a heavy hand on the papists, ordering William Wade, lieutenant of the Tower of London, to hunt down Catesby and Father Henry Garnet, the head Catholic in England.

10:00 Scorpion (CBS) – “A Christmas Car-Roll”
Fall finale. On Christmas Eve, when Walter chooses work over spending quality time with his friends, he falls down the stairs and hits his head, and as he lays unconscious, he enters a dream world where Team Scorpion never existed.

10:00 Tarantula (TBS) – “Pajattery”
When Echo discovers Paja’s secret, his decision to share the knowledge with the rest of the Tarantula residents has affects he could never possibly imagine.

10:30 Grown Folks (Bounce TV) – “Twisted Sorority Sister”
Season finale. When Jillian’s college sorority sister, Donna, comes over, she proves how disloyal she is to Jillian by flirting with Gary.

10:30 Ill Behaviour (Showtime) – “Episode 6”
Season finale. Tess tells an out of control Joel to get a grip and focus on why they’re there: to cure Charlie. In his hungover state, however, Joel smashes the final dose of chemo and their attempt to secure more tips off the police.

10:30 Tarantula (TBS) – “Frog Flog”
When Echo and Booty build their own hot springs it leads each of them to opposing philosophies, and creates a great rift between friends.


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