What’s On TV Tonight – Friday, November 3rd, 2017 What’s On TV Tonight – Friday, November 3rd, 2017
TV tonight includes new episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Z Nation, Blue Bloods, Once Upon a Time, Tracey Ullman's Show, and The Exorcist. What’s On TV Tonight – Friday, November 3rd, 2017


8:00 Andi Mack (Disney Channel) – “Chinese New Year”
Andi invites Jonah to her Chinese New Year celebration, which gets awkward when Celia’s sister Aunt Mei visits. Buffy signs up for the boys’ basketball team tryouts.

8:00 Blindspot (NBC) – “Enemy Bag of Tricks”
As the team adjusts to their new dynamic — and the new tattoos — they battle a dangerous foreign power that is trying to hijack a satellite. 

8:00 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW) – “Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend is Crazy.”
Rebecca takes her quest for revenge to the next level as her friends unite to try and help her. 

8:00 MacGyver (CBS) – “Jet Engine + Pickup Truck”
Using a cassette player and a plastic bucket, Mac and the team attempt to extinguish a massive oil wellhead fire in a Nigerian village, set by a rebel group, which is trying to topple its government by destroying their most valuable resource.

8:00 Once Upon a Time (ABC) – “Greenbacks” Photos
Tiana seeks help from a traveling soothsayer, the iconic Dr. Facilier, in an attempt to save her kingdom. But when it’s revealed that he has an ulterior motive she’s forced to take matters into her own hands. In Hyperion Heights, Sabine and Jacinda take on a risky business venture, but the strength of their friendship is tested when Victoria interferes with their plans. Meanwhile, Ivy recruits Henry to investigate Victoria, and Roni makes a discovery that could change her relationship with Henry forever. Rogers uncovers a crucial clue in his search for Eloise Gardener.

8:30 K.C. Undercover (Disney Channel) – “Unmasking the Enemy”
K.C. sets a trap to reveal Brady’s secret identity.

9:00 Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) – “Kama’oma’o, ka ‘aina huli hana”
At Halloween, Five-0 must investigate a string of murders that mirror stories from well-known Hawaiian folklore. Also, Grover is called to visit a man hours away from execution who may hold the key to a case that has plagued Grover for years.

9:00 Jane the Virgin (The CW) – “Chapter Sixty-Eight”
When Jane learns that Rafael introduced Mateo to his new girlfriend, Katherine, without her consent she gets angry since she thinks Katherine has a negative influence on both Rafael and Mateo. Jane turns to Petra for help with the situation with Rafael, but Petra makes Jane an offer she can’t refuse. Now that the baby is born, Rogelio and Darci struggle to choose a name for the baby they both agree on. Meanwhile, Xo is focused on growing the dance studio and decides to go into business with an unlikely foe.

9:00 Z Nation (Syfy) – “Back From the Undead”
Lucy brings Murphy back from his Mad Zombie-state — saving Murphy’s life, but the drain on Lucy is too much and she dies of old age in Murphy’s arms. Meanwhile, Warren, Doc, 10K and Sarge battle a biologically modified Franken-Zombie guarding a clue to Warren’s dream.

9:00 The Exorcist (FOX) – “There but for the Grace of God, Go I”
As Tomas and Marcus continue to investigate the strange incidents at the foster home, the demon finally makes its presence known. The two priests must race against the clock to find evidence of possession before it is too late. Meanwhile, Andy and Rose take the children on an overnight camping trip, setting them on a collision course with the supernatural presence on the island. Back in Rome, Father Bennett’s uneasy partnership with Mouse takes a turn as disturbing new information about the conspiracy comes to light.

9:00 Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC) – “Havoc in the Hidden Land”Photos
With only two episodes left this season, The Royal Family returns to Attilan and comes face-to-face with Maximus. Can a truce be reached or is all-out war inevitable?

10:00 Blue Bloods (CBS) – “Brushed Off”
When a famous basketball player is found dead of an apparent drug overdose, Danny looks into his possible ties to a local drug gang. Also, Erin revisits the case of a man she may have wrongfully convicted years ago, and Frank is approached by Archbishop Kearns regarding an eviction matter Jamie and Eddie are working on.

10:00 Mike Judge Presents: Tales from the Tour Bus (Cinemax) – “Waylon Jennings (Part Two)”
Fed up with Nashville’s unwritten rules, Waylon Jennings put on his famous black hat, bucked the system and became one of country music’s original outlaws. He recorded what he wanted and how he wanted, usually high on cocaine in a studio known as “Hillbilly Central.” He also hired Hell’s Angels for protection, as well as to babysit his kid. Scoring a string of hits that included “Honky Tonk Heroes” and “Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love),” Waylon was targeted by the feds for his coke-fueled antics. It only made his legend grow. After writing “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Bit’s Done Got Out of Hand,” Waylon shocked Nashville by quitting drugs cold turkey, getting sober all on his own.

10:00 Superstition (Syfy) – “Half Truths & Half Breeds”
Isaac sends a mysterious half human/half infernal to help Calvin et al with the fight in La Rochelle. Meanwhile, Bea, Garvey and Tilly grapple with how to properly bury a known racist.

11:00 Tracey Ullman’s Show (HBO) – “Episode 9”
Security guard Leah is the last line of defense at a small factory on an industrial estate; Nicola Sturgeon is so keen on Angela Merkel’s style that she will go to extremes to imitate her look; health conscious Mabel gets a new blender; New York producer Bernice Rubin goes to the U.K. to bring Shakespeare to Broadway.


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