Wayward Sisters Apparently Not Moving Forward At The CW Wayward Sisters Apparently Not Moving Forward At The CW
An online statement from Executive Producer Bob Berens implies that Wayward Sisters was not picked up by The CW. Wayward Sisters Apparently Not Moving Forward At The CW

While announcements have not yet been made about new series pickups at The CW — we’re hoping to hear more this afternoon — it appears that one has definitely been passed on: The Supernatural spinoff Wayward Sisters which had a lot of online fan buzz pushing for its slot on the schedule.

The news came from Executive Producer Robert Berens on Twitter.

“I have some bad news,” he wrote. “The CW has decided not to proceed with a series order for Wayward Sisters.”

“Honestly — I’m heartbroken. I’m confused. And, at least for the moment — I’m angry,” he continued.

You can read his entire statement below, courtesy of his Twitter feed:



Fans had been hopeful for a Wayward pickup, especially as it was discovered there was a @WaywardSisters official Twitter feed.

This is the second attempt at a Supernatural spinoff that didn’t go. A spinoff titled Bloodlines was attempted but didn’t move forward several seasons ago.

UPDATE: Executive Producer Andrew Dabb has also confirmed the news.

“It breaks my heart to say this, but CW has chosen to pass on Wayward Sisters,he Tweeted. “We love these characters, and have spent almost two years trying to make this show a reality on the network… but there are some fights, sometimes, you can’t win.”


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