Day One: Lindelof Teases Watchmen Production Day One: Lindelof Teases Watchmen Production
Damon Lindelof posted a Watchmen-related statue on Instagram that has people talking. Day One: Lindelof Teases Watchmen Production

It has been months since the Internet has heard any word about LOST’s Damon Lindelof tackling The Watchmen for HBO… but if an Instagram photo posted today is any indication, it seems the project may be a thing that’s happening.

This morning, Lindelof posted a photo in what looks like a new writers’ room, and the photo is captioned “Day One.” In front of him is a reproduction of the Hollis Mason statue from the original Watchmen comic book series; Mason was, of course, the original Nite-Owl. (You probably don’t want to know what ultimately happened to Mason’s statue, as it’s a spoiler.)


Day One.

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Hmm… but hey, props for not making it a predictable Comedian smiley-face button.

The original Watchmen graphic novel was created by writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons more than three decades ago; in 2009, it was adapted as a movie by Zack Snyder (Man of Steel). There is no word yet on what ground will be covered by a Watchmen TV series; however, the narrative form of the original graphic novel would play well to Lindelof’s sensibilities as LOST was full of flashbacks, flash-forwards and such.

Hopefully an official announcement will come soon. You can see the original Watchmen cover with the statue below.


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