Vikings Season 5B Premiere Date Set, Trailer Released Vikings Season 5B Premiere Date Set, Trailer Released
History has set the premiere date for Vikings season 5B, as well as released a trailer showing further conflict between Ragnar's sons. Vikings Season 5B Premiere Date Set, Trailer Released

History has set a Wednesday, November 28th premiere date for the second half of Vikings season five. The series will air the last 10 episodes of season five beginning at 9:00; it’s as yet unclear whether Vikings will be airing alone or if upcoming UFO drama Project Blue Book will be the 10:00 drama. Last year, Knights Templar drama Knightfall aired after Vikings, but the show has yet to receive a renewal, meaning that if it does come back, it won’t be until 2019.

The Vikings 5A finale featured a bloody battle that saw the ends of Astrid, Halfdan, and Guthrum, with Ivar’s forces pushing Lagertha, Bjorn, and company to retreat. The new King of Kattegat’s rule won’t go unchallenged, though, as his remaining brothers regroup in their bid to overthrow their power-mad sibling whose tyranny ushers in a new Dark Age. All of this awaits Duke Rollo, who will be returning to the world he left behind long ago only to it unrecognizable.

Elsewhere on Vikings 5B, Floki continues trying to make something out of his new colony in Iceland, while Harald finds himself reeling after the loss of his brother and Margrethe plots on how to prove The Seer wrong in her bid to become queen.

You can check out the Vikings 5B trailer below.

How will Rollo react to everything that’s gone down since he left? Will having to kill Astrid sap Lagertha of her will to fight? What type of attack should the remaining sons of Ragnar utilize against Ivar?


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