Van Helsing Season Finale Sneak Peek: “It Begins”Van Helsing Season Finale Sneak Peek: “It Begins”
On the season finale of Van Helsing, Vanessa finds herself at a crossroads in understanding herself, while Mohamad and Sheema come to blows. Van Helsing Season Finale Sneak Peek: “It Begins”

After Axel was betrayed by Doc’s cowardice and Susan met her untimely end at the hands of Sam, Vanessa only had Mohamad to rely upon. Since emerging from her coma, she hadn’t exactly been seeking out lifelong friends, given that her one and only goal has been finding her daughter and the vampire apocalypse isn’t exactly the best time for socializing, but Mohamad was one of the members of her found family that she thought she could work alongside. He knew what it was to be separated from a loved one and even if she didn’t 100% trust him, this is a world where being alone can mean bad things, so she needed to have at least some reinforcement. But Vanessa didn’t count on Mohamad having ulterior motives of his own and using her gifts as some sort of ghoulish payment for his sister’s freedom.

On the season finale of Van Helsing, Vanessa finds herself held by Dimitri at the blood farm, his hopes of turning out a fleet of daywalking blood suckers becoming more of a reality by the hour. If he can figure out how to utilize Vanessa’s unique biological makeup to increase the number of foot soliders at his behest, it could be the kill shot to the human race as we know it, a turning point in world history that will be remembered for centuries. Given all that she’s been through and all the betrayal she’s dealt with, it would be easy for Vanessa to give up; it would all be over soon and she wouldn’t have to worry about vampires ever again. However, the thought of her daughter out in a world that’s tilting toward the point of no return is something that will provide the motivation necessary for Vanessa to escape. But even if/when Vanessa does escape and make a break for Denver, will she be able to strike a blow against Dimitri and Rebecca’s operation on the way out?

Elsewhere on Van Helsing, Mohamad and Sheema find their relationship at a crossroads thanks to diverging allegiances.

The season finale of Van Helsing airs Friday at 10:00 on Syfy. The show has already been renewed for a 13-episode second season, which will premiere in 2017.

How will Vanessa be able to escape the blood farm? Will being at the farm give her the information needed to find her daughter? Could Mohamad come to regret his decision to betray Vanessa?

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